Self-paced Courses

Self-paced Course

Augment Reality with Your Students

Learn and teach the fundamentals of augmented reality with Adobe Aero.

Self-paced Course

Flipped Learning for Your Classroom

Create exciting and engaging flipped learning content with Adobe Spark.

Self-paced Course

Make Posters with Your Students

Create beautiful digital posters with Adobe Spark.

Self-paced Course

Create Digital Images with Your Class

Learn and teach the basics of creative imaging with Adobe Photoshop.

Self-paced Course

School Branding for Teachers

Create and develop engaging school branding with Adobe Spark Premium.

Self-paced Course

Digital Publishing with Your Students

Learn and teach the basics of digital publishing with Adobe InDesign.

Live Courses

Live Course

Create the Impossible: VFX with Your Students

Starts Jan 20, 2020

Create stunning visual effects with Adobe After Effects.

Live Course

Integrating App Design into Your Curriculum

Starts Jan 27, 2020

Design and create innovative user experiences with Adobe XD.

Featured Teaching Resources

Lesson Plan

Getting started with After Effects

Adobe After Effects is specifically designed to produce graphics and vi…

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Lesson Plan

Copyright and fair use

Understanding how to legally use resources and content, as well as, h…

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Lesson Plan

Introduction to UX & UI Design

User experience (UX) design is commonly defined as the process t…

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Video Production Documents - Storyboard…

Production Roles, Pre-Planning sheet, storyboard template, script templa…

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Lesson Plan

Planning a portfolio

Portfolios communicate accomplishments, works in progres…

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Elements of Art & Principles of Design Grid Project

Students will create small designs using letter forms only to demonstrate understand of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. They will use Illustrator, InDesign, and/or Photoshop to do the assignment. Assignment instructions, grid, and rubric included.

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"My Battery is Low and it's getting Dark..."

With the news that broke out about the Rover from NASA and its missio…

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Technical Tutorial

Adobe After Effects- Wind effect for Animation

This is a worksheet to create a more realism in your animation by creati…

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Technical Tutorial

Photoshop Basics

This is a video tutorial of some basic, everyday functions of Photoshop.  In…

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Adobe ACA Domain 1 part 2

Copyright information

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Create a graphic resume for your grandparent

This project is about  creating a graphical CV for your grandparent u…

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Digital Asset

Monarch Migration

This short video uses AfterEffects and shows the migration of Monarch butterflies who are the great pollinators. It can be combined with other resources and data concerning the ecology and the environment. It can also be part of a geography lesson on the dependence of countries and the need to cooperate.

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"The AEE has taught me more than my 4-year university degree.
The courses and resources help make my classroom full of fun, colour and creativity!"

Tim Bateup
Technology Teacher, Caloundra State High School