Making Literacy Creative

Starts Mar 25, 2019

Learn how to use digital tools to enhance literacy in your curriculum.


Train the Trainer Level 3

Starts Mar 25, 2019

Learn how to develop and deliver an effective professional development…


Video for Educators

Starts Apr 01, 2019

Learn the principles of video production to help enrich your curri…



Starts Apr 15, 2019

Learn the principles of infographic design to help enrich your curriculum.


Spark Train the Trainer

Starts Apr 29, 2019

Learn how to deliver effective professional development with Ado…



Starts May 06, 2019

Learn the principles of cinemagraph design to help enrich your curriculum.

Featured Teaching Resources

Digital Asset

Create a Silhouette with Adobe Photoshop

These files are resources intended for use with the workshop Up and Run…

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Infographic Resources

This is a resource created for the Adobe workshop series on teaching…

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Graphic Design 2 Curriculum

Graphic Design 2 curriculum to build upon the curriculum designed for Gr…

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Lesson Plan

Hand Colored Photography

This lesson explores the historical/alternative method for ad…

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Digital Asset

Storyboard template

This is a storyboard template I use for the planning of any visual projec…

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Technical Tutorial

ACME Dreamweaver CC Basics

NOTE: THESE LESSONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR THE 2017 AND AFTER VERSIONS OF DREAMWEAVER. A series of lessons intended to help people learn the basics of Adobe Dreamweaver CC (2015.2 version). Another file for previous versions of Dreamweaver (CS5–CS6) is also available. The iBook version is available in Apple's iBook Store.

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Adobe for Academics
Adobe Spark Teaching Resources
Free Curriculum for Creative Cloud
Featured On-Demand Workshops


Use color with confidence


Learn the basics of color strategy, and explore how to choose and use colo…


Digital Media & Learning: Interactive Collage


Learn the what, why, and how of interactive digital media projects fo…


Designing Creativity in the Middle Grades Curriculum


Explore ways to design your instructional activities so you can u…


Managing the Creative Classroom


Consider ways to structure and manage your classroom to foster a…


Learn Adobe Photoshop CC


Get up and running with Photoshop, the industry-leading digital image…


Build Your Brand: Getting Started


Learn why you, as an educator, should build your personal brand. Consider your voice and who you want to be. Then create your perfect logo for all your print and digital media using Adobe Illustrator. (Approx. 1-2 hrs plus logo creation time)

Top New Teaching Resources


STEAM Careers Research

This project is to encourage students to learn more about the many care…

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Lesson Plan

Make a Polaroid Collage Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to add a Polaroid photo collage effect on top of a chosen im…

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Adobe Captivate Widgets

I developed this presentation for the Adobe Train the Trainer course. It co…

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Adobe Design Basics

This book gives a path to beginning student to learn the basics of Illustr…

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Technical Tutorial

Using Photoshop to make a GIF animation

This Zip file contains one A4 page step-by-step instruction sheet for u…

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Technical Tutorial

A short course in Typography

A poster I developed for my graphics design classes, summarizing what I felt were the essential elements of typography I wanted easily reference-able.  If you feel there is anything I've missed that's essential, please let me know about it for consideration for inclusion in version 2. It may not be obvious from the thumbnail here, so I want to mention specifically that this is licensed CC-BY-SA, so feel free to use this in your courses, modify it, share it with others, and so on, subject only to the requirements to attribute me and share it in the same fashion (see the link if you're not sure what this means).  

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"The AEE has taught me more than my 4-year university degree.
The courses and resources help make my classroom full of fun, colour and creativity!"

Tim Bateup
Technology Teacher, Caloundra State High School