Self-paced Courses

Self-paced Course

Flipped Learning for Your Classroom

Create exciting and engaging flipped learning content with Adobe Spark.

Self-paced Course

Digital Storytelling with Your Class

Learn the fundamentals of digital storytelling with Adobe tools.

Self-paced Course

Certifying Adobe Skills in Your Classroom

Learn the basics of incorporating ACA accreditation into your curriculum.

Self-paced Course

Digital Publishing with Your Students

Learn and teach the basics of digital publishing with Adobe InDesign.

Self-paced Course

Design Fun Apps with Your Students

Learn and teach the basics of user experience design with Adobe XD.

Self-paced Course

Get Started Now: Adobe Creativity in Every Class

Learn to enhance creativity in your classroom with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Adobe Apps for Education

Adobe Apps for Education provides an introduction to Adobe software appl…

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Lesson Plan

Video Book Trailers

After reading a book, students use Rush CC and video-enhancing featu…

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Let's get writing! Short writing activities using Sp…

These writing activities were designed by Dominic Traynor, a for…

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Lesson Plan

How'd You Solve That?

Students create a Spark Post graphic to represent their mathematical thi…

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Writing in the Social Sciences: Historical Cam…

In this assignment, students research and write about a social, historical c…

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Using Cinemagraphs to Teach Composition and Digital Rhetoric

After completing the Cinemagraphs course in the Creative Classroom Series, I spent some time thinking about how I might be able to use cinemagraphs in a higher education classroom setting. I settled on having students make a cinemagraph and then analyzing and reflecting on their process in writing, paying particular attention to how the design of their cinemagraph addresses concerns of digital rhetoric--especially visual design and audience awareness. This project offers a fun and fairly simple way to introduce students to basic visual design principles while asking them to consider the needs and expectations of an outside audience. While I had a higher ed classroom in mind for this project, I think it could be easily adapted for secondary students. Watch the video here for more informa ...

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Inject Creativity into the Curriculum event - Rock…

This post features resources shared by Dr Tim Kitchen during the Inject…

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Technical Tutorial

Photoshop Ninja Moves 6: Brushes

Add elements to an image by using the Brush Tool.

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Lesson Plan

Premiere Rush Dirt School Commercial

Project Scenario: The Dirt School in Seattle, Washington is starting a ne…

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Lesson Plan

Adobe Voice - Logo Design Process

Students used Adobe Voice to explain the design process and developmen…

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Minimalist-style Movie Poster activity using Ado…

This was a fun introductory Photoshop activity I set for my Stag…

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Creating Lofted Surface Geometry in MasterCAM

As a CNC/Machine Shop/MasterCAM instructor at a college I have used many of the Adobe tools to "spice" things up in class from the usual mundane lecture and slide shows. Here is a video, about 4 minutes 30 seconds long, showing the creation of geometry, moving that geometry and generating what is known as a lofted surface in MasterCAM. It may be of interest to any fellow instructors who do teach at your facilities in the Trades set ups.

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"The AEE has taught me more than my 4-year university degree.
The courses and resources help make my classroom full of fun, colour and creativity!"

Tim Bateup
Technology Teacher, Caloundra State High School