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AGP FIle Organization

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 by German Silva Last Activity on Mar 4, 2015

I wanted to keep this in my files as a reminder of what best practices are for keeping the files organized for a short video.  In the project, that I was working in Adobe Professional Education Digital was the most challenging activity and this was a good video on doing this.
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Change the World in Two Weeks

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Mar 2, 2015

I pitched a blue sky project to my students today (March 2). On Friday, March 13, they'll deliver their plan/artifact/evidence of what/how/why they did/will continue to do to "make the world a better place." On Monday, March 16, they'll each present their results to their peers. They may work alone or collaboratively but each must document the journey on his/her blog. The project intro is in the video (below). I also linked to this scene from Pay It Forward in the quest.  Personal shocker: Less that 10% of the students have seen Pay It Forward. The kids responded enthusiastically to the challenge and the classroom was abuzz with possibilities. It's going to be an interesting two weeks.
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Shape of Design

Posted on Feb 28, 2015 by Aalia Rahman Last Activity on Mar 1, 2015

The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero is a free odd little design ebook. Instead of talking about typography, grids, or logos, it focuses on storytelling, co-dependency, and craft. It tries to supplement the abundance of technical talk and how-to elsewhere by elevating why great work is done.  Shape is a book about objectives, and it zooms out to answer a couple big questions: How does it feel to make things for other people? And how can we do so in a meaningful, engaged way? -I do not own rights to this book. The description was taken from the book itself. You may read the book online, download the book or order a print.-
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Lead By Example

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 27, 2015

When we returned from winter break on January 5th I challenged my students to step out of their comfort zone and step up the creative effort. I felt the best way to make the challenge stick was to accept it myself so on the 4th I recorded a few videos, uploaded them to a YouTube playlist, and announced on the 5th that I'd add to the playlist every school day from that point forward. Crazy, eh? Teachers, like students, need a challenge. This is day 33 of a new series of Mac Lab videos (not counting finals and the first day of semester 2) and I'm currently on a 33 day hitting streak with 92 videos in the playlist. These tutorials aren't intended to be refined or polished (and they're not). They're intended to be a daily extemporaneous exercise—though subject to rerecording when I become especially maladroit (which happens all too often). The idea harkens back to the spirit of Confessions of a Video Tutorial Junkie. But because not enough kids were embracing the challenge,... Read More
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Want to make your own movie? Check this out!

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 by Rachel Estilo Last Activity on Feb 28, 2015

Always wanted to make your own movie? With Adobe's products, now you can! Learn how to use Adobe's Premiere Pro/Premiere Clip, After Effects, and Audition to create your very own movie! Want to promote your movie? No problem! You can also use Adobe's InDesign to create promotional movie posters! Need professional looking photos? Adobe's Photoshop can take care of that! You can also apply them to your posters if you want! What you will learn: How to successfully make your own movie (of course!) using Adobe productsThe 5 stages in filmmakingThe different main roles in filmmakingHow to create your movie plotHow to edit video with Premiere Pro and/or Premiere ClipHow to add special effects on your videos using After EffectsHow to edit sound using AuditionHow to use InDesign to make movie postersHow to enhance your photos with PhotoshopThe audio terms and accessories (see Audio Terms and Accessories video below) (Note: this can be either a project or a lesson plan, depending on wha... Read More
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ADOBE Creative Class

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by German Silva Last Activity on Feb 25, 2015

In this video, different presenters use ADOBE in a variety of ways.  There are many ways to reach a target an audience.  The only limit is our own imagination.  Here's the link:
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The Puzzle of Motivation

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 25, 2015

In this TED Talk, Dan Pink presents the case for changing the way we attempt to motivate our students (just substitute schools and students for business and employees in the talk).  After watching, you might realize that the real puzzle is why so many folks continue to resist the evidence or deny the validity of the research.  The Puzzle of Motivation
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AMP Revisited

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 25, 2015

This video connects directly with ZIM! Revisited. Both were recorded to remind this years' students of the foundation for our self-paced, student-centered learning environment. Dan Pink's Drive does a wonderful job of synthesizing a broad range of research leading to his Autonomy, Mastery, & Purpose triumvirate. We've used AMP, along with ZIM! with great success since the 2010/11 school year and I encourage other educators to consider implementing some degree of AMP and ZIM! in their own classrooms.
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ZIM! Revisited

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 23, 2015

The Zone of Intrinsic Motivation explained in six minutes. I recorded the video as a ZIM! refresher for my students. It's not a polished video by any means but I thought others might find it of value so I'm sharing it here as well. ZIM! in six minutes (6:06 actually) The ZIM! Venn diagram was inspired by Budd Caddell's How to be Happy in Business Venn on and was repurposed with his permission.* Thanks, Bud!  *The page is currently a 404. Here's a copy of Bud's original Venn.
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How do you Do it? Insights from School Administrators - A #CreateEdu Webinar

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 by Pip Cleaves Last Activity on Feb 24, 2015

Setting creativity as a school-wide value and aligning staff and students around innovation is no easy task. Hear from three school leaders who are driving this change in their institutions. We’ll meet and hear from Mark French, Principal of Rice Lake Elementary, Tim Lauer, Principal of Lewis Elementary School, and Carolyn Foote, Librarian for Westlake High School. See the session recording below. 
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Pinterest-Based Morgue File

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 21, 2015

Since many students already have an affinity for Pinterest, I decided to begin moving my Web 1.0 Morgue File (a copious collection of links, examples, and resources strewn about several computers and external hard drives) to a dedicated Pinterest Board and encouraging students to do the same. The results have been off the charts (students are building their own boards, too) and I'm left wondering why I didn't do this sooner—especially since I'm only about 2% into this massive labor of love. Web 2.0 rocks! Mac Lab Morgue File
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World Skills UK Graphic Design 2015

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 by Mark Gatehouse Last Activity on Feb 22, 2015

We’re on a mission to find out who the most creative modern graphic designer of the future is. This includes the design and handling of images and text across a wide range of commercial contexts from print to digital and UX design, posters to motion graphics and animation. The tasks and assessment criteria have been chosen by professional designers to test the breadth of skills required in the contemporary market. The judges have been drawn from leading graphic design and advertising agencies.  The top three designers may have the opportunity to join the WorldSkills UK squad for training to compete at the Global competition to be held in Abu Dhabi in 2017. Step one: Review this competition overview and guidance materials Step two: Register online from the 9 February to 20 March 2015 Step three: We’ll send entrants a passive heat pack to submit a response to the passive heat brief. This MUST be received by midnight on 17th April 2015. This brief will explore your abi... Read More
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Free High-Quality Fonts for Academic Use

Posted on Feb 20, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 20, 2015

After reading this article, I wrote the folks at Dalton Maag Ltd to verify the offer. The reply, in part, read: ...we are happy to support the academic world. Your student are free to use the fonts under our Trial License for non-commercial academic projects. Wow!  Each user must create an account and abide by the Trial License. (A potentially valuable lesson in itself.) Dalton Maag Font Library
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Free Sound Effects and Music

Posted on Feb 19, 2015 by Kev Lavery Last Activity on Feb 20, 2015

I have mentioned this in a comment on another post but figured I'd put it up here in case anyone doesn't know how to unlock this amazing part of the Adobe suite.  Adobe Audition (and Adobe programs in general) is packaged with heaps (thousands) of royalty free sounds. You simply need to download them and unzip them and you can import them into Audition, Premiere, Flash, etc. There are heaps and heaps of really well recorded and specific sound effects that you will never be lost for sound. My personal favourite is "Human Chew Banana". This is the link.   If that link doesn't work here is the URL that you can copy into your browser:
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Advance Premiere Pro editing tips

Posted on Feb 15, 2015 by Clint Balsar Last Activity on Feb 15, 2015

I have found that the blog site of Vashi Nedomansky (a film editor from Los Angeles, California) is very informative. He highlights some very advanced methods of using Premiere Pro, including the "Pancake Timeline". He also tested the software to find that there is a limit (or was at the time). It is 24 hours of footage!
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Good Photoshop Tutorials And Resources Websites

Posted on Feb 13, 2015 by Saif Smeirat Last Activity on Feb 18, 2015

Hello AEE Community Here is a list of a websites that i use to get my techniques and resources you will like it .. Saif SmeiratAdobe Certified Instructor
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