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Futurist Inspired Dancers

Posted on Sep 29, 2014 by Ashley Stroud Last Activity on Sep 29, 2014

This lesson was the result of a collaboration between my digital illustration program and the dance department at our performing and visual arts high school. Tied by the theme of the dance drama, The Grid, the Void, and the Sign, we took photographs of the dancers jumping, practiced gestural drawings during their rehearsal, and then composed digital artworks inspired by the Futurist art movement using geometric forms in repetition to show movement through space and time. The lesson covers these Adobe Photoshop skills: editing Camera RAW photographs, B&W adjustment, watercolor, pointalism, pencil drawing, woodcut effects, pattern making, selection tools, and layer masks.
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Photoshop Collage

Posted on Sep 28, 2014 by Judy Durkin Last Activity on Sep 28, 2014

I do this with my students every year and get good results. I select 8 photos- some stock, some that I have taken, and have the students create a photo using 5 of the photos. This is a culminating project where students are expected to use all of the Photoshop skills that they have used during the year. I insist that students make at least three different versions and save them using Layer Comps. I have the students turn-in .psd files which I check for the layer comps, layers, etc. The download contains instructions, rubrica list of vocabulary that students are expected to know, and several of the excellent Adobe .pdf "how to" files.
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InDesign: Cropping

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 by Judy Durkin Last Activity on Sep 26, 2014

Usually I associate cropping photos with Photoshop, but so many times it happens on the fly when working in InDesign. Students need to experiment with cropping - they tend to use photos exactly as they were taken.
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Hair in Breeze: Photoshop Refine Edge

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 by Judy Durkin Last Activity on Sep 26, 2014

This is a quickie project (should take less than an hour) where students remove a woman with whispy hair from a background and place her in another photo. Included is a sheet of instructions with a link to an Adobe TV video on Refine Edge, and two photos to manipulate.
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Journey To Discover Identity

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 by Gaye Kershaw Last Activity on Sep 26, 2014

The Big Idea - Journey Students will explore the art elements shape and pattern and the arts language that supports it. They will undertake a ‘Journey To Explore Identity’ to help understand how“...modern Australian identity reflects the many groups of people that call Australia home”. They will explore these art elements during specific, guided 2&3D & ICT activities, the results of which will be recorded in visual diaries & photographically. Students will create project based artworks using personal responses to open ended questioning. They will use a range of equipment and techniques, select, arrange and make choices to create artworks that communicate ideas and feelings for a particular purpose.
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Great Color Creation Website

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 by Judy Durkin Last Activity on Sep 23, 2014

If you haven't seen this or played with it yet, it is a beautiful website with minimal interface. A great website for teaching about color schemes, etc. I wish that we could download schemes as Adobe Swatch Exchange files.
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Type Matching Game

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 by Judy Durkin Last Activity on Sep 23, 2014

Students always wonder how to choose two typefaces that will look good together on the page. This little "Dating Game" will help them explore the methodology of pairing type. Excellent game. Short, quick, self-explanatory.
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Create a Silhouette with Adobe Photoshop

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 by Zak Johnson Last Activity on Sep 27, 2014

These files are resources intended for use with the workshop Up and Running with Adobe Photoshop. Save the zipped file to a folder on your desktop and unzip the files, which you’ll use to complete the project. 
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Create a 3D stereoscopic image using a basic camera

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 by Ariel Elinson Last Activity on Sep 20, 2014

This lesson plan's main objective is to teach how to create a 3D stereoscopic image using a basic camera or smartphone. Its a 3 hours session including break designed for students and teachers with some background knowledge in Photoshop. At the end of this session participant will be able to create a 3d image and will understand the use of channels panel, screen blending mode, Layers, Cropping, and exporting. Participants will also be introduced to Adobe Bridge.
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Teaching and Evaluating Digital Storytelling

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 by Zak Johnson Last Activity on Sep 18, 2014

This resource contains three PDFs intended to accompany the workshop "Teach Visual Literacy: Digital Storytelling," part of the "Teach Visual Literacy" series. The PDFs are: Assessing Digital Storytelling: a checklist and rubric for setting goals and evaluating progress.Digital Storytelling Resources: a list of resources for learning about and teaching digital storytelling.Visual Literacy 101: a primer on teaching Visual Literacy to students. 
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How to use Photoshop to enhance your digital photos for beginners

Posted on Sep 17, 2014 by Mamdouh Samy Last Activity on Sep 19, 2014

This Professional Development session aims at showing learners how to use Photoshop tools to enhance their digital photos in a few simple steps. It includes the learning objectives, learning path, grouping strategy, opening and closing for the session as well as assessment for learners understanding during and after the session. It also includes a video tutorial created specifically for this assignment,demonstrating how these steps can be done. All comments and suggestions to improve it further are welcome.
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Engaging Students with Adobe Voice

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 by Eliot Attridge Last Activity on Sep 18, 2014

This is a lesson based around getting staff to learn how to use Adobe Voice. It also gets them to think about how it could help students with literacy issues become more engaged as well as giving a voice to special target groups. In NZ the target groups are Maori and Pasifika, but these could easily be altered to match the situation elsewhere in the world. The Voice_Help_Sheet is a sheet so that staff can reference it if they cannot get immediate help from me. I have designed it so that the sheet can be skimmed and, hopefully, the learner may pick up other ideas as they go through. The other sheet (Voice_Task_Sheet) is a sheet giving task and discussion instructions. Of the two exemplar Voice presentations, I created the first and the second is one that explains a scientific concept (so illustrating a different use). I have not included the exit slip as part of this download- this very much depends upon you personally and whether you think it was better to have an electronic form submitted.
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Fantastic Yearbook Photos with Lightroom and Photoshop

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 by Pip Cleaves Last Activity on Sep 24, 2014

In this more advanced session, you’ll dive deeper into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom—the essential software for digital photography—and see how you can use it with Adobe Photoshop for a complete yearbook imaging solution. Educator and Lightroom expert Tim Plumer, Jr., will show you how you and your student staff can create exceptional yearbook photos using powerful exposure adjustments, presets, and touch-up tools. You can watch the recording of this session here.
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