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Introduction to Creative Commons (self contained SLATE tutorial)

Posted on Apr 21, 2015 by Ian Upton Last Activity on Apr 21, 2015

This is a Slate tutorial based on a session I run within various courses here at the University. The session should last about 30 mins. First, students are asked to consider what 'copyright' means to them and when they can use other peoples creations in their work. Keep this high level and avoid falling into grey area discussion! Next, we show CC Kiwi - an excellent video introducing Creative Commons and how we can safely and legally use each others work. Next, we ask students to create a CC licence. I have found turning things around like this and asking students to define how others can use what you create is a powerful way of bringing insight into CC. Next we look at Incompetech. This is a really good CC resource (music and soundtracks - great for film). I show this as each 'downloadable' has the correct text accreditation alongside. Being legal is as simple as a copy and paste. In my opinion how CC sites should operate. Next we look at Flickr. I show the CC filter and the 'share' button. This is gre... Read More
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Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 by sofia katsikadi Last Activity on Apr 19, 2015

This is my lesson plan for Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop It's a 3hour x 10session course that includes Image Theory, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw. This course is for Photographers, Image Editors, Retouchers, Graphic Designers and creative amateurs.In the actual course I include an interactive presentation with supportive images, additional study material and exercise files. We begin with the presentation and then we continue in the lab where I can show the techniques in Photoshop and then they can do the same in the lab's computers. I believe it's a very effective course and I saw in practise that the students loved it, because it may seem difficult at first but in the lab you can have deeper understanding, have really fun editing and become really creative.
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Elements of Art Posters

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 by Kevin McMahon Last Activity on Apr 19, 2015

After +100 hours of development and with great help from the AEL community, I am hoping to offer prints of these "Elements of Art" Posters to instructors for FREE.  Help the cause by filling out the short form linked here:
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Photoshop - Campus Altered Image

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 by Shirley Moody Last Activity on Apr 18, 2015

This lesson is a simple beginning assignment that gets my students interested in photography and then combining those photos in to a new believable scene.  I stress to them clean selections and then matching lighting and blending with the blur around the edges.
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How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 by Rafiq Elmansy Last Activity on Apr 17, 2015

The HDR photography (High Dynamic Range) is one of the most eye-catching effects that give your shot high contrast between colors and dramatic effect through its color depth. The HDR photos are created on the digital photography by taking shots at multiple level of exposure and post-process these images in Image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop.
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Captivate your students with interactivity and built-in feedback

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 by Matthew Miller Last Activity on Apr 15, 2015

A lesson plan for a series of six short lessons on Adobe Captivate followed by group and individual work practicing and putting into use what was covered. The workshop focuses on how you can use Captivate to include interactivity and built-in feedback loops to increase the usefulness of video lessons (particularly for flipped learning).   
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Abstract Art (Photoshop)

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 by Christine Schumacher Last Activity on Apr 14, 2015

For this assignment students will be creating a landscape made up of abstract objects. The trick with this is nothing can be as it seems. A tree cannot be a tree, a cloud cannot be a cloud, a sun cannot be a sun. They will use different objects to MAKE these elements. Feel free to email me if you would like an edible version so you can add your own school's grading system for the rubric.
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Creating a Trading Card in Adobe Photoshop

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 by Tim Bateup Last Activity on Apr 14, 2015

Learn how to create an awesome looking trading card in Adobe Photoshop. I will spend 1 lesson allowing the kids to play touch footy in the playground. I take out a school camera and snap photos of them in action to use for this activity. We make a card with the student's picture and school logo on it. By giving the card their own personal touch, the kids are a lot more connected and engaged in this activity.
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Video Editing with Photoshop Lesson Plan - Candie Witherspoon

Posted on Apr 13, 2015 by Candie Witherspoon Last Activity on Apr 13, 2015

I had never used video editing in Photoshop prior to this course.  I have used many other applications for that purpose in the past. Camtasia Studio is one that I have purchased and used for years because it also allows me to record teacher demonstrations on the computer as well as create videos and edit them.  I'm glad to know that I can do this in Photoshop too.  It will be a good opportunity for me to teach my Photography students a little video editing before they leave me this year.  I have prepared a lesson plan based on this course and the information and resources shared within it.  So do not be surprised if you see links to AdobeTV and Youtube videos that we viewed during this course. :)   Enjoy the lesson plan and feel free to copy it, tweak it, and share it with your fellow educators.   I have enjoyed this course.  I have been using Photoshop for 15 years or so, but there is ALWAYS something I can learn from courses like this, and video editing is a... Read More
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Photography presentations (dutch)

Posted on Apr 10, 2015 by Hilde Maassen Last Activity on Apr 10, 2015 An still growing presentation with already over 100 links to online slate presentations for students photography. About studio, technics, light, using a camera, design, lenses, composition, how to start as a photographer, writing bills, communicate with clients, presentation, buy a camera, developing a film, quitclaims, planning, apps for the photographer, shutter, aperture, making a site, business cards, marketing .......
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Simple Stop Motion in After Effects

Posted on Apr 9, 2015 by Kev Lavery Last Activity on Apr 15, 2015

This short tutorial will run you through one method of converting numerous individual images into one movie file in After Effects. It should be noted that there is also a way of doing this in Photoshop but I prefer the After Effects method. This can be a great way of utilising the 'Burst' function on the iPhone camera. 
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Understanding camera basics

Posted on Apr 8, 2015 by Dhanaraj Keezhara Last Activity on Apr 10, 2015

Understanding camera basics Cameras come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but they all have a few basic things in common: a lens to focus on your subject, a housing (with a handle to hold it), and a mechanism to record the image. In most cameras these days, that mechanism is likely to be an electronic sensor to record the photograph digitally.  It can be more difficult to override the automatic settings on cheaper models, which might leave you feeling that you are not completely in control of the final image. 
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How To Create An Illustrator Brush In Adobe Brush CC.

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 by Tom Green Last Activity on Apr 7, 2015

This is one of those apps for which you can’t find a use until you use it. Then it becomes indispensable.Adobe Brush is one of apps in the Adobe Touch App lineup and what it does is allow you to take photos or drawings and use them as brushes in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Sketch.In this How To I am going to walk you through how to create a Brush from a sketch in your notebook and use that brush in Illustrator CC.
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How To Create Grayscale Images in Lightroom 5

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 by Tom Green Last Activity on Apr 3, 2015

It should come as no surprise that a lot of the color correction duties usually handled by Photoshop are now being handled by Adobe Lightroom 5. One of the main reasons behind this is the tools in Lightroom are seen as being a lot more robust than their Photoshop counterparts. As well, Lightroom natively manages Camera Raw images without the use of a plug in.
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How To Color Correct Images In Photoshop Using Camera Raw

Posted on Apr 3, 2015 by Tom Green Last Activity on Apr 3, 2015

This has happened to all of us. You open an image in Photoshop and exclaim: “Oh no! The image is underexposed” or “The image is overexposed! Now what?” The answer, if you use Photoshop for color correction, is to not use Adjustment Layers or the Adjustments menu – Image>Adjustments . It is to use the Camera Raw Filter. In this “How To” we are going to correct an underexposed image using a couple of features in Photoshop’s Filter Menu: Create a Smart Filter, Add Lens Correction and then correct the color using the Camera Raw filter.
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