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How to develop an App Concept

Posted on Nov 26, 2015 by Jamie Leduc Last Activity on Nov 26, 2015

About the Presentation: Sisler High School's Interactive Digital Media program presents  "How to Develop an App Idea."  Presented by Kindoma's cofounder Carly Shuler.  Check out and for more info. 48 minutes in lengthpresented on November 25, 2015Redwood Studio 57, SIsler High School Sisler High School's Interactive Digital Media program presents  "How to Develop an App Idea."  Presented by Kindoma's cofounder Carly Shuler.  Check out and for more info. 48 minutes in lengthpresented on November 25, 2015Redwood Studio 57, Sisler High School Class Activity: Students are to... take notes after presentation come up with a teacher generated theme "problem"Brainstorm and share ideasDevelop an app prototype. Use layout required from the class BeHance project (see resources)  About Kingdom: Families around the world are looking... Read More
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Interactive Digital Media Grades 9-12 Framework

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 by Jamie Leduc Last Activity on Nov 23, 2015

The Interactive Digital Media program is a new Technical Vocational Education (TVE) framework. The TVE is an important part of the educational structure and plays a major role in developing a flexible and well-educated work force to address current and emerging industry and labour-market needs and allow Manitoba to compete globally. Alumni from this program have found employment at Complex Games and SkyBox Lab games. A minimum of 8 of these approved credits are required from within this approved Senior Years Technology Education Program cluster. In addition, students must fulfill the graduation requirements by completing optional credits. A Grade 11 Social Studies credit is not compulsory for Technology Education Program graduation.
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Digital Media Project Management Course

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 by Jamie Leduc Last Activity on Nov 25, 2015

Digital Voices is comprised of the following two “Interactive Digital Media” courses: Interactive Digital Media Project Management 40s (DM100V4S),Futures In Interactive Digital Media 40s (DM101V4S). Innovation, flexibility and creativity! Digital Voices is a unique 2 credit block digital media course designed for students interested in project-based learning. Learn how to plan, create and promote a project of their choice (i.e., an animated feature, an app, a game, a short film, etc) while experimenting with cutting-edge digital technology. The tools to create the digital media projects will be up to the discretion of the student. Students will be required to combine web 2.0 portfolio development tools and with trending digital media tools such as: web 2.0, Social Media, and augmented reality, etc. Students will have an opportunity to collaborate with peers and experts in the industry through in-person meetings, social media and video conferencing.
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The Concept of Story - A Media Arts Talk

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 by Jamie Leduc Last Activity on Nov 21, 2015

Presented by Vancouver Film School Instructor Paul Jensen Talk Theme: The concept of story is as old as human experience, language, and the desire to make sense of our existence. Throughout this lecture we will explore the origins of story, its archetypal structure in myth, and we’ll focus on how these journey patterns are fundamental in various art mediums; including Film, TV, Video Games & Digital Design. VFS Media Arts Educational Talk @ Sisler High School Date: Oct 26, 2:10 pm CST (3:10 pm EST)Location: Sisler High School LibraryInstructors: Vancouver Film School instructor Paul JensenParticipate online: Twitter: @SislerIDM, @DigitalVoices1, @Soapbox.ED, & #vfstalk
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Adobe Voice for the classroom and your teaching practice

Posted on Nov 3, 2015 by Rebecca Stewart Last Activity on Nov 10, 2015

This is a training video for any educator, teacher or lecturer who wants to incorporate this pretty awesome free app into their classroom and teaching, This video in an in-depth tutorial on how to set up voice, what makes a good presentation and when and where it can be used in the teaching room. Students will love this to create stories, educators are using it to introduce an ideas and its a brilliant tool to use for pitching.  Whats even better, is its free. 
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Adobe Capture CC - Como Criar Brushes para Illustrator e Photoshop e Vetorizar rapidamente

Posted on Nov 2, 2015 by Rodrigo Portillo Last Activity on Nov 2, 2015

Adobe resolveu unir seus principais apps de captura mobile em um único aplicativo. Adobe Color CC, Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Brush CC e Adobe Looks CC agora fazem parte de um único aplicativo. Através dele você pode criar paletas de cores, baseadas em fotos, para usar no Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc; Pode criar novos pincéis, também para usar nesses apps, além de criar filtros e fazer a vetorização automática de qualquer desenho ou objeto e passar diretamente para sua biblioteca da Adobe.Este vídeo mostra as funcionalidades do Adobe Capture CC, que está disponível para Tablets e Smartphones Android ou iOS.
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Imagine a component, Draw it with Illustrator, Save it to a Flash Drive, Cut it with a Laser Cutter, Assemble the component, Use it!

Posted on Nov 1, 2015 by Andy Marks Last Activity on Nov 1, 2015

I am a M.E.S.A. adviser in Utah's Granite School District: MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement. This year's project is a prosthetic hand with "integrated computer science elements". The hand is to be controlled with an Arduino. In the past, other MESA advisers and their students have struggled with the "carpentry" aspects of designing and building things. I thought this year's project would be no different as I played with designing and building a hand that could be computer controlled.  I modeled the hand after my own, limiting it to an index finger and opposing thumb. The first hand I made took hours to build from three 1/2" layers of plywood, hand machined to accept a small stepper motor and to have enough room for a 16T, 32P, 5mm bore pinion gear driving a "gear finger" drawn in InkScape. The finger looks like my index finger, but at its base, where a knuckle resides, is a 48T, 32P gear. My first "gear finger" was cut b... Read More
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Creative Teaching & Learning Action Plan - Template and Sample Plan

Posted on Oct 23, 2015 by Adobe Education Last Activity on Nov 19, 2015

A Creative Teaching & Learning Action Plan will guide you as you continue your personal development as a creative educator. This plan is created as the assignment for the Up & Running on the Adobe Education Exchange professional development experience. Your plan should contain the following components: A meaningful goal.This is your chance to put a stake in the ground and define who you want to be in the next few months or years. Synthesize what you’ve learned in the course, your self-reflections along the way and your circumstances. Then determine a realistic and achievable goal for yourself. Perhaps you want to integrate a new Adobe software application into your curriculum. Or maybe you want to define your creative teaching identity and establish your Creative Teaching Profile. It might help to brainstorm a few ideas and then pick one that feels right.Key objectives that support your goal.How will you meet your goal? Define a few key objectives. For example, if your goal is to in... Read More
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Signing a PDF form on an iPad

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 by Mel Wolverson Last Activity on Nov 19, 2015

The ipad makes signing forms so much easier. This is a two minute tutorial I created on how to make it happen.  Old way of signing a form: open it, print it, sign it, find a scanner, scan it back in, sent it back New way: open it, sign it, send it back (in about 2 minutes)
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Adobe Comp CC Gets A Major Update

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 by Tom Green Last Activity on Oct 13, 2015

A couple of months back I wrote a “How To” dealing with a new Adobe Mobile App named Adobe Comp CC and a little later I wrote a 6-part  series – An Emerging Workflow-  on how the Mobile Apps and the Desktop apps, when combined with a Creative Cloud Library, provide the graphics professional with the opportunity to create anywhere. Little did I know, when writing those pieces, that the Adobe Wizards had come to the same conclusion and were working on not only improving the mobile apps but also improving the workflow between the apps and the Desktop Graphics applications such as Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator CC 2015 and InDesignCC 2015. At the beginning of October, during its annual Adobe Max Creativity Conference, Adobe unveiled its strategy to establish this workflow by not only introducing a number of new products but also making significant improvements to its roster of mobile and desktop apps with an eye to not only having them integr... Read More
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Workbook: Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC

Posted on Oct 10, 2015 by Joseph Labrecque Last Activity on Oct 10, 2015

This is the full-color PDF workbook from the Adobe MAX 2015 session: Unleashing the Creative Power of Flash Professional CC! It is a 90 minute lab project that takes students through the basics of using Flash Professional CC with a smattering of new (Flash Professional 15.1) features sprinkled throughout. Need to get up to speed on the tooling in Flash Professional CC for your client and creative work? Maybe you need to target the web, iOS and Android devices, HD video and print. Great news: Flash Professional CC has been enhanced to expand upon the traditional Flash runtime targets and reach the native web through HTML5 Canvas and WebGL (and more) to help all types of use cases for desktop, mobile and beyond. During this lab, you’ll learn: The new creative Flash Professional CC toolingHow that tooling fits in the workflow industry professionals have come to rely upon when creating assets and animation for television, games, the web and moreHow to generate assets in Flash Professional... Read More
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Sharing mobile device content on your desktop

Posted on Sep 30, 2015 by Mark DuBois Last Activity on Oct 27, 2015

I use a number of Adobe mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices. I also use both a Mac and a number of Windows computers. I have put together a weblog post covering how I currently display the contents of these mobile devices (such as Adobe Comp CC or Adobe Voice) when presenting to students and others.
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Creativity Booster

Posted on Sep 27, 2015 by Kev Lavery Last Activity on Nov 19, 2015

Over the course of this year I have been attempting to build my skills in a range of Adobe programs (particularly Photoshop and After Effects). I have given myself a task using the restriction method where I must create as many new animations as possible using the same source material. Each animation must be based around the image you see here (or some derivative of it) - an emblem of sorts that I have created for myself. The animations must also perform a perfect loop so that they can be saved as GIFs. Although not a specific restriction I have also been endeavouring to keep file size small given the nature and use of GIFs.  Skills in programs like Photoshop and After Effects are like muscles in the body - if you exercise them they will grow and strengthen and if not you will begin to lose the ability to do things you once found simple. This exercise has been a great boon for me in terms of my own skills and my creative thinking and problem solving - I can only imagine what students woul... Read More
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In My Creative Classroom with Kimberly Larson

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 by Adobe Education Last Activity on Nov 19, 2015

In this monthly webinar series, our wonderfully talented Adobe Education Community members will inspire you, and your students, by sharing their own experiences in the creative classroom. Each presenter will open their classroom door and give you a view of their creative teaching process. You’ll learn how they develop, implement, and assess creative activities in their classroom. They'll inspire you to include creative activities in your curriculum.  During each hour long session we’ll start by getting to know the presenter through an interview. We will then walk you through the planning, implementation and assessment of their creative learning activity. You’ll also learn technical tips and tricks to make using Adobe software a success in your classroom.  Session Presenter Kimberly Larson teaches the Graphic Design, the Graphic Communications, and the Web & Digital Design Pathways at Effingham College &... Read More
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QSITE Conference 2015 Resources from Dr Tim Kitchen

Posted on Sep 20, 2015 by Tim Kitchen Last Activity on Sep 22, 2015

This post features slides and resources shared by Dr Tim Kitchen during his workshops and keynote presentation at the QSITE Conference in Townsville, Queensland 23rd & 24th September, 2015. Find out more about the Adobe in Education active use program in APAC via:Our Vimeo Channel - CreateEDU TV? and Tim's online journal
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App Smashing with Adobe Mobile Apps

Posted on Sep 15, 2015 by Shauna Kay Last Activity on Oct 12, 2015

I made this Adobe Voice presentation to introduce a creative way to use Adobe Mobile Apps with "App Smashing". App Smashing is a creative process that you can apply across the curriculum and all subject areas. It is the process of completing a challenge by choosing multiple creative tools or "Apps" to achieve the task. You create content in one app and extend it in others. It is relevant to most year levels as the App Smashing concept can be adjusted to reflect age appropriate content for your students and subject area.  It incorporates many 21st century learning skills such as ; Self directed learningCreative collaborationDesign thinkingGrowth mindsetReflection and feedback
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Fix typing issue with Arabic language in Photoshop CC

Posted on Sep 14, 2015 by Saif Smeirat Last Activity on Nov 19, 2015

Hi everyone, This post is dedicated to Arabic Users of Photoshop, I'd like to post this video of mine, which shows the correct way installing Photoshop with Arabic language supported, or even fix it after the incorrect installation of it without having to Re-Install
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