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Video Compression Theory

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 by Michelle Dennis Last Activity on Apr 11, 2014

This presentation covers some of the theoretical content from CUFDIG301A Prepare Video Assets, a unit that is part of CUF30107 Certificate III in Media and VCE VET Interactive Digital Media.  It briefly examines some of the key theories behind video codecs and compression.  
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Business Course Information

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 by Lilian Smith Last Activity on Apr 11, 2014

This is the very first time I have used Muse.  After the first lesson with Pip, I decided I'll explore Muse.  This information site is to allow potential business students to view the course details in Certificate III and IV in Business Administration, the trainer, job roles etc.  That way when they contact the college and attend an interview for the first assessment they can go there and have a look.  It serves two purposes it will free some time off the senior office administrator as well as assessing basic literacy and digital skills.  In view of students having tablets and smart phones I have also created the site for all three platforms.  The link in on the temporary businesscatalyst site -
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Using Adobe Browser Lab & Adobe Shadow

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 by David Hallmon Last Activity on Apr 10, 2014

Adobe BrowserLab is an online service that allows web professionals to test both publicly viewable and private web pages. Screenshots of actual browser renderings are generated in real time, with multiple viewing options and diagnostic tools to help discover cross-browser compatibility issues. BrowserLab is ideal for professional web designers and web developers who need to ensure their public and private web pages are viewed as they were intended on multiple browsers and operating systems. BrowserLab renders screenshots virtually on demand with innovative viewing and diagnostic tools that fit seemliness into your work flows. BrowserLab can also preview local content through integration with Dreamweaver or Firebug. If you take the COAP 2120: Web Editors course will will get into using Browser Lab more within Dreamweaver. Also another tool that I will mention in this video similar to Browser Lab is Adobe Shadow which is geared more toward testing on mobile devices. I used to demo Device Central in this class b... Read More
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Adobe Education Leadership Forum (Asia Pacific) 2014 - recordings

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 by Tim Kitchen Last Activity on Apr 10, 2014

1st & 2nd April, 2014 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The Asia Pacific Adobe Education Leadership Forum 2014 was an opportunity to hear from industry leaders and senior educators from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, India, China and Japan about the latest trends and success stories across the Asia Pacific region. A range of presenters from Adobe will also be featuring. Click here to access the Forum website for more information  Attached to this resource is a PDF with all the video links.
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A Practical Examination of Learner Intervention and Collaboration

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 by Melissa Jones Last Activity on Mar 13, 2014

This recorded session features a case study of quiz performance tracking and student-teacher collaboration using Adobe Presenter 9 conducted by Renaldo Lawrence at Chiswick School in London, where he creates and develops interactive materials for both teachers and students. In this example we will look at the resources Renaldo built for a photography class and discuss how the teacher is using the materials in the classroom. Renaldo will also discuss various others tools used to created eLearning materials and show examples of the materials.
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Get a grip on GREP …and what it's for

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 by Lukas Engqvist Last Activity on Mar 13, 2014

This is a presentation in InDesign that can be used to demonstrate how we can use powerful Find/Change functions in InDesign. It is linked to presentation given 12 March 2014. Assumes basic knowledge of InDesign, Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and general ability to apply skills from one situation to another. It's hard but can save 100's of hours in real world production.  Many times we get junk text that needs to be cleaned. Human error is the biggest cause of reprints, so we want computers to do the tricky parts for us. It does matter that text has a good semantic structure, especially if we later want to use that text for other media. Having good semantic structure also frees us to be creative and try out options like choosing between indents or blank line. For lesson plan I recommend using raw text files from any complex text will do (preferably text more than 200 pages). Edit: Added a resource of a blank InDesign and IDML file with paragraph styles that conta... Read More
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Mobile application design and development

Posted on Feb 24, 2014 by Adobe Education Last Activity on Feb 24, 2014

Play a game, buy (and read) a book, check your e-mail, select a restaurant, pay your bills, or find your way to the party. This is just some of what you can do while on the move. With the proliferation of smarter and cheaper mobile devices, people’s expectations for using mobile phones and tablets are rising rapidly. But as mobile devices increasingly make our lives easier, they also present new challenges for designers and developers of interfaces and applications. For example, limited mobile screen space and navigation restrictions require careful project planning and design. This guide presents guidelines and best practices for mobile application design and development.
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Expert Lecture: Managing your social media presence with Sally Cox

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 by Tom Green Last Activity on Feb 19, 2014

Employers are now checking out your profile on social media and making employment decisions based on your activity. n this lecture Sally Cox walks through what your students need to know about the joys and dangers of a social media presence and creating a positive online brand.
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Expert lecture series: CSS Animation and Motion Graphics with Val Head

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 by Tom Green Last Activity on Feb 19, 2014

Each month we invite an industry "name" to talk to the Interactive Multimedia and Advertising and Graphics Design students at my College. I record these lectures and make them available to my students. In this lecture we featrure Val Head, CSS Animation "Goddess of All She Surveys".
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The Importance of Video Litereacy - workshop

Posted on Feb 16, 2014 by Tim Kitchen Last Activity on Feb 17, 2014

Once the domain of those with access to expensive production equipment and skills, these days (thanks to online networking sites like YouTube and Vimeo as well as easily accessible video editing software) video production as become almost as common and essential as word processing. The aims of this presentation/workshop are to: - look at the importance of video as a literacy - teach some basic video capture & editing skills- share lots of resources- demonstrate some best practice in schools
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Soumaya Museum

Posted on Feb 15, 2014 by Imelda Hernández Last Activity on Feb 15, 2014

To achieve this short video I used photography captured with an Ipad and a Nikon camera. Instagram and Photoshop filters were applied to achieve a uniform color. I used Iphoto and Imovie to edit the film. The video shows the architectural beauty and escuturas Rodan, Dalí entered more than other artists can be seen in the Museo Soumaya in Mexico City.
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A meeting of cultures

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 by Lilian Smith Last Activity on Feb 14, 2014

This is a follow on from the story telling project in Photoshop.  The students collate the pictures and written text and put them into a movie clip using Premier Pro.  Transitions are inserted between clips. Title and credits are created.  At the end of the course the students will showcase their movie to the class.  The topic is of their own choice.
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Creating images with Impact using Adobe Photoshop LAB Color Mode

Posted on Feb 13, 2014 by Bill Galbreath Last Activity on Feb 13, 2014

Using the LAB Color Mode in Adobe Photoshop gives you access to creating images that really pop by giving you complete control over both the color space as well as the detail information. Sharpen without artifacts and make your images show the color your eyes saw when you took the image, all in a non-destructive way.
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