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Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 by sofia katsikadi Last Activity on Apr 19, 2015

This is my lesson plan for Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop It's a 3hour x 10session course that includes Image Theory, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw. This course is for Photographers, Image Editors, Retouchers, Graphic Designers and creative amateurs.In the actual course I include an interactive presentation with supportive images, additional study material and exercise files. We begin with the presentation and then we continue in the lab where I can show the techniques in Photoshop and then they can do the same in the lab's computers. I believe it's a very effective course and I saw in practise that the students loved it, because it may seem difficult at first but in the lab you can have deeper understanding, have really fun editing and become really creative.
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Elements of Art Posters

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 by Kevin McMahon Last Activity on Apr 19, 2015

After +100 hours of development and with great help from the AEL community, I am hoping to offer prints of these "Elements of Art" Posters to instructors for FREE.  Help the cause by filling out the short form linked here:
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Retouching in PhotoShop CC2014

Posted on Apr 18, 2015 by Michael Chow Last Activity on Apr 18, 2015

PhotoShop Retouching for Creative Cloud 2014: Photoshop has been the go-to tool for artists when it comes to professionally retouching images. There are six photo retouching tips and tricks. The following is a step by step of using these simple tools. This is a follow-up to 'Retouching Your Images in CS5' (, as this is now for CC2014. The added tool was the Content Aware Move Tool, which I have to say, is pretty cool to use too! Hope this works for you.
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Photoshop - Campus Altered Image

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 by Shirley Moody Last Activity on Apr 18, 2015

This lesson is a simple beginning assignment that gets my students interested in photography and then combining those photos in to a new believable scene.  I stress to them clean selections and then matching lighting and blending with the blur around the edges.
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How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 by Rafiq Elmansy Last Activity on Apr 17, 2015

The HDR photography (High Dynamic Range) is one of the most eye-catching effects that give your shot high contrast between colors and dramatic effect through its color depth. The HDR photos are created on the digital photography by taking shots at multiple level of exposure and post-process these images in Image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop.
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Movie Mate: A Photoshop Parody

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 by Dawn Bradley Last Activity on Apr 15, 2015

What happens when you combine two existing movie titles to create your own movie? Movie Mate Parodies, of course. This project allows students to show off their creative side while demonstrating mastery using masking, non-destructive editing, adjustment layers, blending modes, filters, and the type tools. The project usually takes a week to complete if you are working in one hour sessions.  The original lesson was created for Photoshop, but it could be adapted to Illustrator as well. 
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Intro to Photoshop - "If They Mated..."

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 by P. Michael Quinn Last Activity on Apr 17, 2015

(This is a basic introductory Photoshop lesson for my Art II class of junior and senior high school students) OK guys.  Here is a basic introduction to Photoshop.  You can thank the folks at Adobe for pretty much spoon feeding me this stuff so all I have to do is stir up a bit and splatter it back out on your learning plate.  I don’t know about you, but when I first opened Photoshop I was overwhelmed by the possibilities, but if we take it step by step we can keep from losing our breath. We are going to play a game called “If they mated”.  We are stealing this idea from Conan O’Brian.  Let's go!
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Abstract Art (Photoshop)

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 by Christine Schumacher Last Activity on Apr 14, 2015

For this assignment students will be creating a landscape made up of abstract objects. The trick with this is nothing can be as it seems. A tree cannot be a tree, a cloud cannot be a cloud, a sun cannot be a sun. They will use different objects to MAKE these elements. Feel free to email me if you would like an edible version so you can add your own school's grading system for the rubric.
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