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Integrate Adobe Flash Spritesheet into an Edge Animate project

Posted on Jul 29, 2014 by Brian Chau Last Activity on Jul 29, 2014

Adobe Flash has a great drawing tool and timeline to create beautiful animation. This is a step-by-step tutorial to show how you can turn a Flash animation sequence into a spritesheet and in a simple step bring that into an Edge Animate project as a symbol. From then on you can add further animation of the symbol using the animating features of Edge Animate and publish the project as html animation.
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Creativity in education project planner (Visual Perception)

Posted on Jul 26, 2014 by Tarek Bahaa El Deen Last Activity on Jul 26, 2014

Students produce an advertising posters depends on one or more principles of visual perception. Selection and organization of visual stimuli : Perceptual constancies (size constancy, shape constancy, color constancy, brightness constancy), Gestalt principles of perceptual organization (the phi phenomenon, figure-ground, closure, similarity, proximity) and Depth Perception (Binocular depth cues, Monocular depth cues). Application of visual perception principles in optical illusion (geometric Illusions, perspective Illusions, ponzo Illusion, muller-Lyer Illusion, poggendorff Illusion, z¨ollner Illusion, Café wall illusion, …)
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Open Knowledge

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 by deston tanner Last Activity on Jul 16, 2014

One of the unique features of this course is that we're building the modules around existingOpen Educational Resources. Instead of creating our own lectures videos, we're curating the best from the open web, and we'd like to invite you to help us by contributing your discoveries to our growing list. We ask that anything you add be tagged with the appropriate module/week number (see below) as well as any relevant descriptive terms.
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The 12 Principles of Animation

Posted on Jul 7, 2014 by Peter Guthrie Last Activity on Jul 26, 2014

This unit will introduce students to the principles of animation, as well as the fundamentals of Adobe Flash. After creating simple frame-by-frame, motion tween, and shape tween animations to acclimate themselves to Flash, students will use rotoscoping to create short vignettes based on the principles.
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The Creative Arsenal

Posted on Jun 29, 2014 by Kevin McMahon Last Activity on Jul 7, 2014

To help the Art Heroes Faculty and Students, a group of instructors and myself have undertaken the impossible task of narrowing down the best creative resources online for design, photography, film, animation, etc.  While purposefully not comprehensive, the Creative Arsenal is my attempt at a easily navigatable index of high-quality video lectures, tutorials, periodicals, etc. that could benefit alomst any digital media instructor. So come for the Creative Arsenal . . . and stay to join Art Heroes and our mission to creative for causes! Kevin (Ps If you have a website or resource to add, please let me know!
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AdobeEdu Professional Development: 2013-14 school year catalog

Posted on Jun 29, 2014 by Melissa Jones Last Activity on Jul 11, 2014

These documents detail the full set of professional development offerings for the 2013-14 school year from the Adobe Education team. All dates, times and URLs subject to change. Please check our Professional Development homepage on EdEx for the most up-to-date information.
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Flash Animation Project

Posted on Jun 27, 2014 by PETER WALLACE Last Activity on Jun 28, 2014

For this project you are to create a multimedia learning object using Flash. Your client will be a teacher who wishes to use the learning object in teaching. For this project you will need to determine your client’s needs and use this to plan and develop your learning object to your client’s satisfaction. You will also need to test your learning object thoroughly and write an evaluation using the CIPP model. Project Details 1)  Your client a)  Your client will be a teacher at this school. b)  You may wish to choose a client who teaches a subject that interests you, however, you need to discuss your choice of client with the ITS teacher before making that choice and your ITS teacher will initiate contact with the potential client. c)    2)  Your log & preliminary planning a)  As is previous projects you are required to keep a log. Your log helps to demonstrate your problem solving techniques, in particular your use of the DDE Cycle.... Read More
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Flash Professional CC 2014 - Edge Animate Sprite Sheets

Posted on Jun 20, 2014 by Joseph Labrecque Last Activity on Jul 13, 2014

Flash Professional is a highly flexible asset generation beast. You can use all sorts of internal tools to draw out and animate rich, complex vector assets. Edge Animate does not include a lot of internal tools for asset generation - it relies of other Creative Cloud applications for this task. Flash Professional and Edge Animate make a great pairing due to these facts - as the new release allows us to generate and inject Edge Animate specific sprite sheets.
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Flash Professional CC 2014 - SVG Export for Edge Animate

Posted on Jun 20, 2014 by Joseph Labrecque Last Activity on Jun 20, 2014

Flash Professional is a highly flexible asset generation beast. You can use all sorts of internal tools to draw out and animate rich, complex vector assets. Edge Animate does not include a lot of internal tools for asset generation – it relies of other Creative Cloud applications for this task. Flash Professional and Edge Animate make a great pairing due to these facts – as the new release allows us to generate vector-based SVG files that can be used inside of Edge Animate.
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Teaching self-paced animation lessons

Posted on Jun 10, 2014 by Dennis Martinus Last Activity on Jun 11, 2014

Objectives:Students will learn basic techniques to create a simple an animation. This is a self paced lesson. Activities:show different examples of animations: explore the historical timeline of animation: explore the 12 principles of animation: view a tutorial videos on the use of Flash: use Flash to create a simple animation Evaluation: Creativity and originality:The project should show creativity. Craftsmanship: The project should have high-quality assets. Animation: The project should communicate a clear message. Resources: Flash Professional Photoshop Computer
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Rotoscoping Animation Project with Flash CS6 (and other project resources)

Posted on Jun 9, 2014 by Lynne Kesselman Last Activity on Jul 9, 2014

All of our Computer Science classes watch The History of Pixar (bonus disc feature from the Wall-E movie), so I plan to introduce rotoscoping techniques with Flash CS6 using an animated video cartoon. Most likely this will be for my more advanced high school students . Basically, students will to import a short cartoon .flv video that I provide them, include the video timeline but no audio. Have students add the key frames to a new layer for their rotoscoping, then use the brush tool to draw in the strokes. If we get really ambitious and I have a willing group of students, I might have them each animate a character and try to merge their characters, to emulate and attempt "team work" in animation. They could use the same cartoon (road runner and coyote?) and then try to see if they can sync up each of their characters. The group I have this year really enjoys partner and small group work, so any other ideas how they can pair up, but with separate segments to the assignment, would be very much... Read More
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Blendspace - Create online lessons easily

Posted on Jun 6, 2014 by Clint Balsar Last Activity on Jul 28, 2014

I found this article that directed me to the website service know as Blendspace. If you haven't heard of it yet, you should definitely give it a try. 
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Animation Rubric

Posted on Jun 4, 2014 by Bonnie Taylor Last Activity on Jun 17, 2014

Frame Rate: 24 fps File name:  Animation – TITLE.FLA Project Length: 3 minutes maximum Save to: Animation folder Quality of Animation: 32 points total Criteria 1 2 3 4 Layer Organization Projects layers are clearly not labeled and unorganized. Only a few of the layers are labeled and organized. Most of the layers are labeled correctly and organized. All layers are clearly labeled and organized. Smoothness of Animation Project is messy overall.  Selections made in Photoshop were choppy.  Miscellaneous strands/strokes are floating around project.  Parts disconnect and/or out of place. Project is jumpy overall. Most, but not all selections made in Photoshop are choppy.  There are a few strands/strokes floating around in the project.  A few parts disconnect and/or out of place.  Project is mostly jumpy with only a few parts moving... Read More
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Animating the methods of heat transfer

Posted on May 30, 2014 by Tamarra Price Chambrinho Last Activity on Jun 4, 2014

This project is designed to help students animate the methods of heat transfer. It was created for students with little to no previous experience with Flash and/or animation. There are samples of the final animations and pdf documents that work students through the process step by step.
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ANIMATION PROJECT -- Group Activity -- Rotoscoping Animation Technique

Posted on May 27, 2014 by Candie Witherspoon Last Activity on Jul 24, 2014

What is Rotoscoping?  Learn how animation is created in the video "Lemonade."  Use this in your class as group assignments.  Have your students address topics related to their own lives, experiences, or current events.  Maybe have them act out historic events or literary dramas, or scenes from literature they are currently reading and studying in class.  This will cover all or most of your Common Core, STEM, PARCC, and other Evaluation requirements.  Students will love it.  Administrators will rave about them and you!  It's a WIN WIN project idea for today's classrooms!
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