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BOT: Global Challenge

Posted on Jan 29, 2015 by Matt Cauthron Last Activity on Feb 28, 2015

3D modeling & printing, makers, bristlebots, light painting, Makey Makey, video drones, found objects, cyber-humans, superheroes, your imagination… Draw, paint, photograph, Photoshop, design, animate, illustrate, assemble, video, sound: Create a BOT orientated artwork that transforms your ordinary life into something super-syfy, magical, universal, or down right robotic. Accept the challenge here!Create the artwork now through March 2015Submit creations by April 1, 2015 (details to follow on AE20 and AEE above). Also include a short paragraph about creativity at your schoolSelected works will be compiled as a free interactive text available on the iBook Store
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Building a Web Page with a PSD and Dreamweaver's New Extract Panel

Posted on Jan 23, 2015 by Sheri German Last Activity on Jan 28, 2015

In this project, students will design a web comp in Photoshop, and then easily develop it in Dreamweaver through the use of the new Extract panel. The resource folder includes the following: The script for the morning and afternoon webinarsA wireframe of the designA completed Photoshop compA completed project siteA completed html structureA CSS starter page for those who are new to CSSProject imagesA file with the page text
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The Public Domain Project

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 by Kev Lavery Last Activity on Feb 16, 2015

Literally thousands of public domain media files that you can use in whatever you like.  The Public Domain Project The Pond5 site is a little buggy and awkward but totally worth it for these amazing  resources. 
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App (any desktop platform) to verify Golden Ration

Posted on Jan 19, 2015 by Ana Laura Gomes Last Activity on Feb 3, 2015

It's a very simple app, made by Paul Trani, an Adobe Evangelist, that allow you to verify the golden ratio proportions in any screen that you are working on. The window's app floats hover your other apps. You can use it on Mac or PC, because it was made on Adobe AIR. Easy to install and use. Hope you enjoy!
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Call for Entries - STEAM Film and Animation Festival 2015

Posted on Dec 28, 2014 by Mark Gatehouse Last Activity on Dec 30, 2014

STEAM Film and Animation Festival 2015 To be hosted at Carshalton College on 9th May 2015 between 11.00 and 18.00. Productions to be screened over three areas, two projection and one interactive area. With the winners being announced through the day as they are screened. Entry is open to students from around the world, not just UK. Entries must be submitted by 28th February 2015. To enter a film or animation into the STEAM Film and Animation Festival 2015 is simple! Students or Staff can enter eligable  films produced in their Sixth forms, Colleges or Schools over the last 3 years. Dig out the best examples of your student showreels. Post a comment on the Behance Page containing: Your name or names of the production team College/school they attend or attended when the video was produced. This must be or have been a level 3 course ( Diploma, A level, USA -... Read More
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World Skills Graphic Design Competition

Posted on Dec 6, 2014 by Mark Gatehouse Last Activity on Dec 15, 2014

From 9 February to 20 March you can register teams to enter the World Skills Graphic Design Competition. The winner's will go on to the Global World Skills Competition  to be held in 2017. They will be coached by international renowned designers on that path. This competition is sponsored by Adobe, Ogilvy Mather Advertising, Coley Porter Bell, Ideas Foundation. It is open to any level 3 student currently studying at a UK College or Sixth Form. 
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Support Red Ribbon Week or other Community Campaign

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 by Janet Cook Last Activity on Oct 16, 2014

Educate your students while you get them involved in decorating the school and its website for Red Ribbon Week or another community campaign. Assign all students to create a project illustrating your school's Red Ribbon Week theme (in the US 2014 Red Ribbon Theme: “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.”  See website: or other community campaign.  Students should research the topic and come up with a poster, web page, public service announcement or other use of their media to communicate this theme to their fellow students and community. Students can even create a game or program a presentation using characters if they are in a programming class.  Publicize their work on your school website, newsletter, and, of course, hallway walls.   Emphasize the need for knowing the audience, making sure to use readable text, keeping work G(family)-rated, while having attention-getting features when doing this type of work. Also they should avoid including p... Read More
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Open Knowledge

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 by deston tanner Last Activity on Aug 30, 2014

One of the unique features of this course is that we're building the modules around existingOpen Educational Resources. Instead of creating our own lectures videos, we're curating the best from the open web, and we'd like to invite you to help us by contributing your discoveries to our growing list. We ask that anything you add be tagged with the appropriate module/week number (see below) as well as any relevant descriptive terms.
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Blendspace - Create online lessons easily

Posted on Jun 6, 2014 by Clint Balsar Last Activity on Jan 28, 2015

I found this article that directed me to the website service know as Blendspace. If you haven't heard of it yet, you should definitely give it a try. 
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Fireworks Tutorials

Posted on Jun 6, 2014 by RON Brown Last Activity on Jun 6, 2014

I am a Fireworks fan and have been a user since 1.0 at Macromedia.  Here are some sites I use to get tips and tricks, even the old stuff works pretty well.   Although Photoshop or other tools are used by many, I still prefer Fireworks because I know it works well if your purpose is web. 
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Tech Trumps

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Richard Osborne Last Activity on May 29, 2014

The tech trumps are pocket sized cards in the top trump style which summarise how off the shelf web technologies can be applied to the dimensions of work-integrated assessment model for authentic assessment, as designed by Education Quality & Enhancement staff at the University of Exeter. They summarise the affordances of each digital technology in the context of the dimensions model.
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The 6 Simple Machines

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Brian Dawson Last Activity on May 30, 2014

This iBook incorporates interactive widgets made using Adobe Edge Animate throughout the book.  Each interactive widget shows how the simple machine works, with many showing how mechanical advantage is gained using these simple machines.  As a core curricular topic, students at the middle school level are required to know these machines, understand the advantage we get from using them, and how they can be combined together to form more complex machines.  This 29 page iBook works all of these concepts in to give the student a complete understanding of the 6 simple machines.  Auto graded assessments, interactive puzzles, photo galleries and videos for iOS help to complete the picture.   The resources listed include a link to this iBook (free) for Mac and iPad users on the iTunes bookstore and a PDF version (static) showing the content, but not the interactive components.
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Animation (Mini worlds)

Posted on Apr 29, 2014 by Brett Kent Last Activity on Sep 5, 2014

This is a unit of work that some year 4 students (9 yo) worked on as part of a unit of work on 'mini worlds' (reptiles and amphibians). The students were instructed to make an animation explaining how the reptile or amphibian of their choice was able to survive in its environment. The program that is included was an initial draft that the final project developed from. In the draft program it shows a duration of 6 weeks although this is only due to the time allocated, it could be completed in a class in as little as two days with young students. (it is pretty easy and fun to do)
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Human Heart animation

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 by David Butler Last Activity on Apr 23, 2014

A diagrammatic representation of the normal operation of the human heart as a Flash 2D animation. Demonstrates the blood flow into and out from the heart. The demonstration begins with a labelled diagram of the various components of the heart. Disclaimer: The animation still needs some adjustment in timing. The author makes no claim to a perfectly accurate representation of a heart's operation. This is intended mainly as a demonstration of animation techniques. This cannot be viewed on devices that does not support Flash.
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What is Hydrolysis?

Posted on Apr 19, 2014 by David Butler Last Activity on Apr 21, 2014

This is a digital element that could be incorporated in a Learning Object. A Flash-based animation, a diagrammatic representation of a virtual-lab experiment depicting the process of chemical hydrolysis, where water can be broken down into its two components: Hydrogen and Oxygen. Suitable for High School level Disclaimer: Some elements of this demonstrated process may not be considered absolutely correct by some chemical scientists. This is meant primarily to be a demonstration of Flash skills.
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