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PowerSchool-SchoolMessenger Integration

Posted on Nov 10, 2015 by Beverly Baker Last Activity on Nov 10, 2015

Down to the wire on this one.  I had a lot of fun using After Effects for the title page the animation screen.  In fact, I hope to find time to go back and use stills with animations for the rest of project rather that camera video.  While I drew I drew on Marks skill set to do the title page, Deila skills helped me through the second sequence's animations.  I also played around with orientation animations and even clip art. A word of thanks to all the facilitators for the course, I enjoyed it ever so much!  Can't wait for games tomorrow! PowerSchool-SchoolMessenger Integration
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Photography / Lightroom Project

Posted on Oct 26, 2015 by amy caterina Last Activity on Oct 26, 2015

Objective: To use Lightroom and basic Photoshop tools to create a series of photographic responses to the film Watermark.  You will make 5 photographs that investigate your personal relationship with water, landscape and the drought. You can use any of the techniques we have discussed in class to illustrate this idea; including night photography, black and white, combined images and panoramas.  For more information on the film: References: Goal:  to use Lightroom’s exposure adjustments with your photographs. Requirements: I am looking for photographs that show an understanding of basic lighting principles and an understanding of how aperture and shutter speed can control an image. You are expected to be conscious of the lighting and the mood it creates for every image.  Which techniques that you have learned this semester are the best for conveying your mood and feelings to the viewer? Shoo... Read More
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Graphic Designers _ Resource Materials

Posted on Oct 17, 2015 by Vivens Joachim Last Activity on Oct 18, 2015

Here's one website that I believe if everyone follows and learns from the many different type of great tutorials offered, the sky is the limit for how high one can jump. Andrew Kramer is simply one of the best in the business. His recent success just tells you how talented this guys is. If you're in for great tutorials, check out his site.
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Foundations of Digital Art & Design

Posted on Oct 13, 2015 by Salheddine Boumaraf Last Activity on Nov 2, 2015

- Through a progressive learning, this training will acquire knowledge, methods and customary practices, essential for creating documents toward editing and graphic communication. - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, are the essential software for all professional graphic communications, performing layout with images and illustrations. This curriculum provides a good knowledge of the graphic chain and gradually acquire the professional practices and methods of such software to the delivery of documents for print and digital publishing.
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Photoshop Basics

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 by PAUL LYZUN Last Activity on Oct 5, 2015

A Three hour Photoshop Training session for beginners from high school to profession. Includes fundamental concepts such as color correction, exposure, handling shadows, alpha channels, compositing images and highlights and file management using tools such selection, move, text, healing and color to enable participants to continue learning on their own following the session. The session begins with desktop organizing files in folders on the desktop via Bridge. Exercises images are opened in Camera Raw through Bridge and then imported directly into Photoshop from Camera Raw. There are two resources included in the package. One is a twenty minute video tutorial focusing on the basic features for image editing in Camera Raw which is can be used by session participants prior to the session. The operations demonstrated in this video will provide conceptual understanding that will accelerate the introductory exercises. The second resource is the last image used in the video tutorial. Participants wil... Read More
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InDesign for Yearbook

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 by Matthew Miller Last Activity on Sep 21, 2015

This is an ongoing series of video tutorials to take a student from no experience with InDesign to a competent Yearbook designer.  The focus, clearly, will be on InDesign as a tool for Yearbook layout.  Some specifics will apply only to our Yearbook here at CAC, but most of the material will be general and broadly applicable. [Watch on Youtube in order to get the links to the rest of the videos in the series.  I'll link them here as I develop them, but Youtube will have the most recent uploads sooner than EdEx.]
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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Project

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 by Brian O'Dell Last Activity on Nov 3, 2015

This project is used in my video production class but can also be implemented into Graphic Design as a collage idea, Photography, Internet Search, Power Point or Publisher design project .  Students take the list and must complete the shot of each and then design a finished production to submit on Halloween Night.
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My Class Website with Projects, Lessons and Links

Posted on Aug 15, 2015 by Brian O'Dell Last Activity on Aug 30, 2015

My website is where my students receive all their assignments, the rubrics and lesson instructions for projects that we are working on.  I also try to add visual examples of former student work, assistance links and helpful online tutorials they can use from home if need be.
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Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop

Posted on Apr 19, 2015 by sofia katsikadi Last Activity on Oct 17, 2015

This is my lesson plan for Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop It's a 3hour x 10session course that includes Image Theory, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw. This course is for Photographers, Image Editors, Retouchers, Graphic Designers and creative amateurs.In the actual course I include an interactive presentation with supportive images, additional study material and exercise files. We begin with the presentation and then we continue in the lab where I can show the techniques in Photoshop and then they can do the same in the lab's computers. I believe it's a very effective course and I saw in practise that the students loved it, because it may seem difficult at first but in the lab you can have deeper understanding, have really fun editing and become really creative.
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Photography Book with inDesign - Lesson Plan

Posted on Mar 1, 2015 by Candie Witherspoon Last Activity on Jun 18, 2015

Here is a lesson plan that I will be using for my Photography Class as their final assignment this year.  I have used this assignment in the past few years but not with inDesign.  I have used the free BLURB book creator desktop app that is downloadable from their website where we set up a store to print and sell extra copies of our student books as a fundraiser effort for my photography class to help offset costs for the course on things such as software renewal, photo printing paper, lighting equipment, etc.  We haven't raised a lot of money, because most are usually satisfied with their one copy, but I share the link with them to give to family and friends and tell them to encourage them to buy more copies as holiday gifts and to let them know that most of the proceeds go to support our class and to keep it going. As my class photography final I make them create a book designed from their best photos that they took this year.  They are required to make adjustments and manipulations to... Read More
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Create a promotional poster for a school event

Posted on Feb 21, 2015 by Jim Babbage Last Activity on Mar 28, 2015

Select an upcoming school event (Black History Month was one of my favorites) and have students work in pairs to create an event poster, using images they have created themselves, along with supplied artwork such as a guest speaker photo, school logo and promo copy about the event. Encourage students to research public domain imagery to help add more visual strength/relevance to the poster and to learn about copyright. During the creation of the poster, students should post iterations of the work on Behance, using WIP. Teachers and students can post helpful, constructive feedback during the creation process. Once the poster is finished, students should post the final work as a project, link it to the WIP and make sure that they share credit and attribution to their partner and list the external resources they used to finish the project. After the assignments are submitted, don't just grade them; invite a range of faculty and staff to view the final work and pick their top three posters. Once the result... Read More
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having fun with camera raw

Posted on Feb 11, 2015 by Saif Smeirat Last Activity on Sep 21, 2015

Hello There, Just having fun with camera raw in my Photoshop CCBefore i will make a tutorial of this manipulation soon in EDEXhope you will like it Saif Smeirat Adobe Certifeid Instructor
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My pledge to support creativity in education

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 by Matthew Miller Last Activity on Mar 18, 2015

In the hopes that this will inspire you to support creativity in education, I wrote my pledge on a whiteboard and challenged myself to fill the board with pictures, at least some of which told a bit of a story or related to stories I know.  I hope you enjoy it.  This is released into the public domain; if you'd like to use it for anything, feel free.
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Tasty Tuts video tutorials

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 by Keith Shafer Last Activity on Feb 13, 2015

Hello, I just wanted to share what I believe to be some of the best, easily understandable tutorials available outside of AdobeTV. Gareth David of London, England's Tasty Tuts has a slow, enjoyable way to follow along and supplies all the assets and resources you need to complete the projects. Best of all too, is that they are all on Youtube and free. They helped me immensely, and I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to learn Adobe's core applications. Mr. David is always adding more, and has several other outlets to explore as well, including his own site, a blog,facebook, twitter, and more. Below is the text from the Tasty Tuts Youtube "about page" as well as a link, and I hope you find all this helpful. Cheers, Keith  Design & digital arts creative video tutorials. TastyTuts is an endeavour to inspire creative minds, looking to learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to bring imagination to life. From beginners to those that are highly skilled, TastyTuts offers a wi... Read More
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The Public Domain Project

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 by Kev Lavery Last Activity on Aug 25, 2015

Literally thousands of public domain media files that you can use in whatever you like.  The Public Domain Project The Pond5 site is a little buggy and awkward but totally worth it for these amazing  resources. 
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Mac Lab Daily Quests

Posted on Jan 9, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Jan 23, 2015

This idea comes straight from World of Warcraft—from the Garrisons in the WoD expansion, specifically. The folks at Blizzard really delivered with this update. Now it's my turn. I intend to provide more resources—day in, day out—than my students could ever hope to complete, much less master. Why? To provide them with choices leading to a richer, more engaging learning experience. And, to provide me with an epic challenge to reinvigorate my own role in the classroom. Time to shake things up again. You can follow the experiment via our YouTube Playlist, the Quest Archive, or the featured quest each day on our home page.
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Mac Lab Daily Quest Archive

Posted on Jan 9, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Jan 9, 2015

Starting the Mac Lab Video Tutorial Playlist on YouTube is phase one of my plan. Providing students with daily quests to accompany the videos is phase two. Archiving the quests (to stay organized) is phase three. I'm posting the link here on the off-chance a few of you will find something of value for you or your students. Note: The Mac Lab utilizes game mechanics and the experience is quite different when logged in. For more info about the full experience, visit the Game On Group here on the Exchange.
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Mac Lab Video Tutorials (YouTube Playlist)

Posted on Jan 9, 2015 by Mike Skocko Last Activity on Feb 11, 2015

After years of recording thousands of video tutorials and scattering them haphazardly around the sprawling Mac Lab website, I finally made the move to YouTube where all future videos will be archived. I plan on adding to the playlist on a regular basis and will share many of the specific video links here on the Exchange as individual resources. These tutorials aren't intended to be refined or polished. They're intended to be a daily extemporaneous exercise—though subject to rerecording when I become especially maladroit (which happens far more often than I'd like). The idea harkens back to the spirit of Confessions of a Video Tutorial Junkie. Kind of a Just do it! challenge to get the creative muscles back in shape.
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World Skills Graphic Design Competition

Posted on Dec 6, 2014 by Mark Gatehouse Last Activity on Jun 21, 2015

From 9 February to 20 March you can register teams to enter the World Skills Graphic Design Competition. The winner's will go on to the Global World Skills Competition  to be held in 2017. They will be coached by international renowned designers on that path. This competition is sponsored by Adobe, Ogilvy Mather Advertising, Coley Porter Bell, Ideas Foundation. It is open to any level 3 student currently studying at a UK College or Sixth Form. 
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