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Power My Learning

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 by Oneisha Freeman Last Activity on Apr 16, 2014

I have been using in my after-school program for the past month after learning about the site through one of the CFY staff. I am very impressed by the sites features and how both the after school staff (educator), the parents and children can all be connected. The best part about the site is that it reinforces digital literacy skills while also showing common core standards for both math and language arts. They even have reports where you can show how much time each child has spent on the different activities and subject areas. The is a great way for youth in after-school programs to spend their computer time. There are many educational games on the internet but few free sites that will give program staff the feedback that the Power My Learning Site gives. The site is constantly being enhanced and I look forward new updates! POWER MY LEARNING
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Adobe Apps for Education: Advanced Acrobat Pro Resources

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 by Pete MacKay Last Activity on Apr 10, 2014

Here are the links provided in the April 9th session. Advanced Acrobat Pro for Education      • Pete's Session Notes: (Shared Google Doc)      • Completed PDF Form Examples: (303 KB .zip file)      • Advanced Acrobat Form 1 - Exit Pass: (Shared Google Doc)      • Advanced Acrobat Form 2 - Checklist: (Shared Google Doc)      • Advanced Acrobat Form 3 - Rubric: (Shared Google Doc)      • The Owl Lesson Plan: (3.7 MB .zip file)      • The Education Society:      • The Teacher List:
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Adobe Apps for Education: Beginning Acrobat Pro Resources

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by Pete MacKay Last Activity on Apr 10, 2014

Here are the links provided in the April 9th session. The session notes are the starting point, the stamp art is provided as part of the tutorial. Beginning Acrobat Pro for Education      • Pete's Session Notes:  (Shared Google Doc)      • Stamp Art Samples: (9.1 MB .zip file)      • The Education Society:      • The Teacher List:
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Creativity in Today's Classroom - Course Resources

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 by Zak Johnson Last Activity on Apr 16, 2014

Note: this resource is intended for use with the Collaborative Course: Creativity in Today’s Classroom ( This PDF compiles the course bibliography and the media resources used in the course, including video listings, graphics, and Adobe product tutorials and support.
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Adobe Education Leadership Forum (Asia Pacific) 2014 - recordings

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 by Tim Kitchen Last Activity on Apr 10, 2014

1st & 2nd April, 2014 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The Asia Pacific Adobe Education Leadership Forum 2014 was an opportunity to hear from industry leaders and senior educators from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, India, China and Japan about the latest trends and success stories across the Asia Pacific region. A range of presenters from Adobe will also be featuring. Click here to access the Forum website for more information  Attached to this resource is a PDF with all the video links.
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Strategies and Outputs

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 by Zak Johnson Last Activity on Mar 19, 2014

Note: This resource is intended for use with the Collaborative Course: Creativity in Today’s Classroom ( For convenience, this PDF compiles two lists included in Week 2: What is Creativity? (one each from “What Does Creative Teaching Look Like?” and “What Does Teaching Creativity Look Like?”)
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Creativity Project Planner

Posted on Mar 6, 2014 by Zak Johnson Last Activity on Mar 31, 2014

Note: this resource is intended for use with the Collaborative Course: Creativity in Today’s Classroom ( For your Master Project you will be designing a lesson or activity for your own classroom.  This  Creativity Project Planner will walk you through the steps of designing a creative lesson plan by emulating the creative process. This planner is provided in 2 formats, interactive PDF or Microsoft Word, so you can use the one you are most comfortable with.
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Assessment of Creativity

Posted on Feb 16, 2014 by Stephanie Davidson Last Activity on Apr 16, 2014

I enjoyed reviewing techniques about assessing creativity. The workshop was nicely set up and easy to follow.
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The Importance of Video Litereacy - workshop

Posted on Feb 16, 2014 by Tim Kitchen Last Activity on Feb 17, 2014

Once the domain of those with access to expensive production equipment and skills, these days (thanks to online networking sites like YouTube and Vimeo as well as easily accessible video editing software) video production as become almost as common and essential as word processing. The aims of this presentation/workshop are to: - look at the importance of video as a literacy - teach some basic video capture & editing skills- share lots of resources- demonstrate some best practice in schools
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Fun with Photoshop

Posted on Feb 5, 2014 by John Christopher Last Activity on Feb 5, 2014

I recently conducted a training on Photoshop for teachers.   The problem that  I always run into, is how to make photoshop relevant to the curriculum.  Basically, learning Photoshop for the sake of learning Photoshop and just having that knowledge is not going to cut it in a public school.  Teachers always want to know "How can I use this in the classroom" or "How does this tie to the curriculum"? So I decided that I would train them on a few functions and features that would help them use Photoshop.  After I showed them a few techniques, I took a part of the Reading Curriculum (from Kindergarten!) and had them compete.  "What would an Antarctic Adventure look like?" - this was the guiding question from the Reading Program I divided the group into teams of 3 and had them create a picture in Photoshop depicting this question.  In addition, I had a secret photo that all teams had to include in their project (it was a picture of a classic c... Read More
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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial #1 : Getting Started

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 by Saatvik Arya Last Activity on Mar 22, 2014

In this video Saatvik Arya will help you in getting started with Adobe Photoshop. This video will help you understand What is Photoshop ? Who uses Photoshop ? Why is Photoshop Used ? After watching this video you will get to know the layout, workspace and the uses of Photoshop. This video is appropriate for Beginners as well as Professionals Adobe Photoshop CS6 version for Mac is used. Although you can use this video for getting started on any Adobe Photoshop version ( CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 ) The same tutorial could be used to get started with Adobe Photoshop on Windows just that the users might see different UI on their systems. Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Photoshop Download - We would heartily appreciate your FEEDBACK.
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A sensible cross-check selecting A Digital Slr Camera

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 by supachok doungchan Last Activity on Dec 22, 2013

Picking out a dslr could be a heap like shopping for a automobile. There square measure various models offered, and every was created to suit distinct needs  as an example, assume you are looking for a brand new vehicle, and your main concern is fuel economy. If you purchase a gas-guzzling overall performance vehicle, you're progressing to be disappointed; this identical principle holds true once buying a camera.  this text can guide you thru the terribly most important aspects to contemplate  To start, we'll clarify variety of the advantages a digital slr provides. we'll then supply a couple of inquiries to raise oneself before buying a model. The following data, albeit temporary, will assist you select a camera that matches your creative imagination behind the lens.  advantages Of A Digital SLR Camera as compared To The Point-And-Shoot selection  One good thing about employing a digital SLR is its speed. Its image detector is often larger than the one mounted in a... Read More
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A photographic professional camera lenses should get accent To Shoot good Photograph

Posted on Dec 17, 2013 by supachok doungchan Last Activity on Dec 22, 2013

It is terribly justifiedly same that sensible photography is rarely potential while not quality lenses in your camera. If you're skilled lensman and need shoot best pic of your career, do invest in latest SLR camera lenses.  A photographic professional camera lenses is AN utmost vital element that is duely needed by photographers to shoot best videos and pictures. The market caters to a large vary of lenses obtainable in Brobdingnagian selection and therefore it's a frightening task for individuals to decide on the proper one. However, you would like not worry regarding as there area unit such a large amount of reliable websites that assist you select the simplest lens. They stock a large vary of camera lenses for numerous styles of cameras in varied sizes and shapes. So, go and compare the costs of every lense displayed on a on-line web site. get the one that suits your wants the simplest.   Among the large crowd of photographic professional camera lenses, the Canon EF lenses b... Read More
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13000 Free Fonts for Educational usage

Posted on Nov 23, 2013 by Sherman Hoss Last Activity on Feb 17, 2014

Hello, Free Fonts Pro is a website offering more than 13000 free fonts for download, including all kinds of font styles, such as 3D fonts, Animals fonts, Handwriting fonts, Script fonts, Old English fonts, Cartoon fonts, Tattoo fonts, Typewriter fonts, etc.  Any one can download the fonts listed there. You may simply make your pc more customized and make your ppt looks more impressive by changing the font style that you are using in your system. You can download as many fonts as you like. All the fonts is free for personal usage but not for commercial usage. You must get permission from the font designer first before using a specific font for commercial purpose. Font designer's contact into can be found on the font detail page or in the txt file included in the zip file you download. You can submit your own fonts as well to share it to our vistors if you are a font designer.
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Photoshop skills to blur or smudge students out of pictures

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 by Ruben Garza Last Activity on Feb 25, 2014

Something that we always have problems with is you get that one great picture of the class and when you go check the authorization forms, one or two students don't have permission to be pictured online or at school. In this course we will go over ways to remove those students from the picture instead of trying to reenact the picture. 
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