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Photoshop Touch for Kids: Silhouettes

Posted on Mar 12, 2013 by Nicole Dalesio


Here's another version of the silhouette tutorial using Photoshop Touch, which is not also available for iOS or Android phones or other devices. This tutorial is fairly easy, and a fun project for kids of any age.

(See also the Photoshop tutorial to do the same thing.)

Click";return this.s_oc?this.s_oc(e):true">here to see the sample image.

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Photoshop Touch for Kids: Silhouettes

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Photoshop Touch for iOS or Android (for a tablet or smart phone)

profile photo taken in the doorway

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Sara Martin

Posted on Jul 30, 2013 - Permalink

Looking forward to adapting this and using this with PSE! Love all your ideas and thanks for sharing!

Joan Sweeney

Posted on Jun 6, 2013 - Permalink

Thanks Nicole - that was an interesting presentation!

carolyn brown

Posted on Jun 5, 2013 - Permalink

Nice video!

Great idea if the kids in your classroom have iPhones. :)

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