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Give students audio feedback on their work

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 by Adobe Education


Acrobat audio annotations
Use Acrobat® to provide audio comments right in a PDF. It not only saves time, it also helps you communicate more clearly with students.

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Willie Moore

Posted on Mar 11, 2015 - Permalink

Excellent resource! I love this feature as well.

Donna Reedy

Posted on Aug 31, 2014 - Permalink

Thank you... I am very happy to learn a new, easy way to respond in a much more time efficient way with my students! Audio feedback will help me give more personal responses to my students.

Shelly Gooden

Posted on Aug 30, 2014 - Permalink

This was extremely well done. I have used audio feedback using a different software but had no idea it was so easy with Acrobat. Thank you!

Amruta K

Posted on Aug 23, 2014 - Permalink

Wow.. Thanks for allowing to download this audio file.

Melinda Cowen

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 - Permalink

Allowing for audio feedback is a great way to make a connection with students whose basic learning style is audio as opposed to visual. I think all students would benefit from verbal feedback as it is in a recognizable voice and makes a more personal connection than writing on their paper. If you cannot give them verbal comments directly, I would say this method is the next best one.

Bhuvana Sriram

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 - Permalink

Very interesting and useful resource. I would like to use this in my teaching practice.

Gigi Fotieo

Posted on Aug 6, 2014 - Permalink

I know this is mostly geared toward grading essays, but I teach Digital Design and ask my students to turn their PSD and AI files oftentimes into PDF to submit for grading as the file sizes are faster to open and smaller in file size. After seeing this video, it provides me a way to give feedback to students that I was not able to give in the past. I will surely share this information with colleagues. I have used the annotations in the past, but talking beats typing-- hands down (no pun intended).

Ann Foland

Posted on Aug 4, 2014 - Permalink

This is a great resource!!!

La Nora Glaze

Posted on Aug 3, 2014 - Permalink

This is great!!!

karin h

Posted on Aug 1, 2014 - Permalink

Great resource

Deanna Wolfe

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 - Permalink

This would be such a time saver. It is a personal touch for the students as well and saves all the red pen markings!

judith schwartz

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 - Permalink

This is amazing because I spent so much time marking up pdfs in the past and and audio will be a time saver and more personable. I will include this in my acrobat training to faculty.

Dan Duhon

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 - Permalink

I find this especially beneficial to students with visual impairment.

Candie Witherspoon

Posted on Jul 14, 2014 - Permalink

I love this resource! Cannot wait to use audio comments on my students' work!

Henry Sandoval

Posted on Jul 13, 2014 - Permalink

Another great resource to use for my new class.

Daniel Siegel

Posted on Jul 13, 2014 - Permalink

I'm totally using this.

Shawn Surma

Posted on Jul 12, 2014 - Permalink

The Video link froze, but I was able to download the file and liked what I saw. I will be sure to include in my future trainings.

Ross Macdonald

Posted on Jul 11, 2014 - Permalink

Fantastic!!! What more can I say other than when you have a class of long assignments to evaluate you do not use a full pen of red ink. The turn around time from deadline to papers being returned should be MUCH shorter and therefore more meaningful to the student.

M. Chow

Posted on Jul 11, 2014 - Permalink

I have to say this is pretty cool. I did not know this was possible in Acrobat. I could see myself teaching this to the other educators as part of the Professional Day or them!

Joseph Walsh

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 - Permalink

I was not able to play the video linked in the Resources (3) link. I have the web link to tutorials, and the download to the audio embedding in pdf files but I could not play the video. It is just a black screen.

Stephanie Davidson

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 - Permalink

Love this! I will be passing this on to our English teachers!

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