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  • How to collaborate on content
  • Comment on resources and discussion topics by inserting a comment at the bottom of each resource or discussion topic. Use comments to ask questions or provide feedback.
  • Reply to a comment by clicking the "Reply to comment" button next to a comment on a resource or discussion topic
  • Rate resources or discussion topics by selecting a rating that reflects the quality of the content and provides some feedback to the author. You can rate resources on a scale of 1 to 5:
  • Rate comments by clicking the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down buttons to provide feedback on whether a comment was helpful or not helpful.
  • Click the Best Answer button, when you think a comment most effectively and completely answers a question in the discussion forums.
  • Note that you must be logged into the Adobe Education Exchange to collaborate on content.
  • How to add favorites
  • Click the heart icon in the top right corner of any resource or discussion topic to add it to your favorites.
  • Click the heart icon next to a resource or discussion topic listing in a member profile to add it to your favorites.
  • On your My Favorites list (click My Favorites from your Member Dashboard to view), click the heart icon…
  • Many resources of the Adobe Education Exchange include links to PDF files and/or PDF Portfolios. Most PDF files are viewable in your Internet browser and will open as a new tab or window. PDF Portfolios are not viewable in an Internet browser and require you to save the file to your computer and open with the free Adobe Reader software . To save a PDF file in the Adobe Education Exchange, right-click or Control-click on the file link and click Save File As.
  • How to join and sign in to the Adobe Education Exchange
  • From any page, click the Join Now button to register for the Adobe Education Exchange. If you already have an Adobe ID, you can enter it to complete your registration, or you can continue and follow the directions to create a new Adobe account.
  • From any page, click the Sign in button and follow the directions to enter your Adobe ID information and click Sign In.
  • If you have forgotten your Adobe ID and/or your password, please click the Trouble signing in? link on the Sign In screen. Follow the directions to recover your Adobe ID or reset your password.
  • If you experience issues recovering your username or password, please refer to the Adobe ID FAQ link for solutions to common problems. Contact Support if you need additional assistance.
  • If you experience errors when attempting to register or sign in, please refer to the Adobe ID FAQ for solutions to common problems.
  • Login to your account on and navigate to My Information page to make changes to your personal information.
  • How to edit my profile
  • Click the Edit Profile link in your member dashboard. Make the required changes to your profile and click Update Settings.
  • How to manage my content
  • Click the Edit Profile link in your member dashboard and select My Resources to manage your resources, My Discussions to manage your discussion topics, or My Comments to manage your comments.
  • Click the Edit Profile link in your member dashboard and toggle the checkbox to subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters, announcements, and notifications.
  • Where possible, Adobe Education participates in regional, national, and international education events and competitions. If you would like Adobe Education to consider participating in your event, click "I still need help…" and provide specific event information in the form. Adobe Education will respond to your event inquiry if we are interested in participating.
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