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Using Creative Commons Practically and cutting the HASSLE!

Posted on Mar 21, 2015 by Ian Upton Latest activity: Mar 29, 2015

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I created this post as a reply to  Sandra Hodges question. But then I thought it was such an important topic - especially when we are being asked to create stuff (which can be potentially 'published' - think flipped classrooms and whatnot) that I would start a thread where I hope we can discuss using materials we source on the web legally and practically and WITHOUT HASSLE! And maybe even share some of these resources. Using images / video / sound whatever is a key elem... Read More

Desired outcomes, assessment, and pain points.

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 by Neil Edde Latest activity: Mar 10, 2015

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Hi there. In our ongoing efforts to better serve both the Adobe learner and instructor population, the Editorial team at Adobe Press (managed by the Peachpit team at Pearson) is seeking more feedback from members of the Adobe Education Exchange. Three seemingly simple questions, but we know they're much more complex than many people realize. We'd greatly appreciate any insights you'd be willing to share.  1. What are the desired learning outcomes for your students? i.e., What are the takeaways fr... Read More

Using Video Clips to give Students Feedback?

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by Mary Malinconico Latest activity: Mar 22, 2015

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I was wondering if anyone is using video clips to provide feedback to students via any E-Learning systems like Blackboard. I was to start doing this in the Fall but wanted to know the pros and cons for doing it.

warmer/ ice-breaker exercise

Posted on Feb 4, 2015 by Chris Schnell Latest activity: Feb 15, 2015

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Hi allI am wondering if you use any warmers/ ice-breaker exercises in your creative learning environment you want to share.Thank you.Have a great day Chris

Systemic Innovation: Austin High School Video Game Design collaborates with Pakistan Music Culture

Posted on Feb 1, 2015 by David Conover Latest activity: Feb 1, 2015

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In this project, I am trying to bring together the characteristics of a global classroom. My students and I are developing a syllabus. We will blend together design thinking, problem-solving, learning, tutoring, student voice, Team learning and assessment through video conferencing and a simulated learning environment. In order to build capacity for this program of study, what Adobe lessons or activities would you suggest as a best practice to research and review? I have a number of thoughts and questions t... Read More


Posted on Jan 31, 2015 by Kevin Theisen Latest activity: Feb 18, 2015

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I ma new to ID, but I notice in most if not all of the training videos columns are used.  What is best practice concerning the use of columns? And can you set a default?

Cognitive distortion

Posted on Jan 9, 2015 by Brian Pope Latest activity: Feb 11, 2015

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I work with people who are often misinterpreting information as a result of mental health issues and/or due to autonmomic nervous system imbalence. I'm interested in exploring best practice in this area and would welcome any comments

Adobe PDF Portfolio

Posted on Dec 28, 2014 by Beverly Tate Latest activity: Mar 10, 2015

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I created my first PDF portfolio, I find it fascinating to use and to teach others how to create an interactive Portfolio for employers to look through without hassles. Any one else have any thoughts on it? Or have tried it?

SWF not loading in browser on SX Yosemite.

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 by Julian Hunt Latest activity: Dec 18, 2014

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hi everyone, just a question, I have been using flash for years and now since i have updated to Yosemite, I cannot load swf files in my browser on my site, I also have been hahving issues with html5 video, this does not play either.   Any thoughts? here is the page i cannot see.  Locally or remotely.  I have contacted tech support for my hosting, and on a PC on all browsers the technician said he can see it...They are encoded as usual with H:264 and AAC audio. http://www.julianhunt.c... Read More

How to do Branding for yourself

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 by Amruta K Latest activity: Nov 20, 2014

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Making branding is really very important in today's Digital Era.5 years ago I made a logo for my self. But now there is time to redesign it.Branding is the Identity of your work, personality & vision. What you people think on it?can anyone share there Branding designs and views here?  I believe It will help everyone.

AEE members teaching the same course/ subjects

Posted on Nov 9, 2014 by Chris Schnell Latest activity: Nov 9, 2014

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Hello AEE Members I am fairly new to the AEE and am wondering if there is a way to search for and follow members teaching the same/ similar course/ subjects? thank you in advance Chris

What is the best resource that you have come across or created this year?

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 by Colin Byers Latest activity: Nov 3, 2014

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As the year winds down, we have had many great resources shared here on the Ed Exchange, some found and others created by our members. Which ones stand out as the best resources this year? Why not comment and we can compile a shortlist of the best of the best?


Posted on Oct 26, 2014 by Imelda Hernández Latest activity: Oct 29, 2014

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Develop a story using the storyboard technique contribute to the realization of a communicative product with a clear and effective message.

3D Printing from Photoshop in the Classroom?

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 by Veronica Sarmiento Latest activity: Feb 17, 2015

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Hi there! So my school district is investing in "emerging technologies" and I was asked if I would like a 3D printer for my classroom. Duh! Obviously it has to work with my curriculum, which I can make happen, but I would love to hear some ideas out there on how you currently (or would like to) use a 3D printer in your classroom. What kind of projects do you have the students do, and how easy is it to print from Photoshop? My courses are digital design and commercial art technology. Please share y... Read More

Best source for 3D models for use in Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro?

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by Colin Byers Latest activity: Oct 22, 2014

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I teach photoshop, after effects and premiere pro in my media arts classes and I would like to use more 3D models in my work. I have had students use some in the past (for example) and I would like to use more. However, I don't have 3D software (like maya or 3dmax) to create my own and I don't plan to spend the money to purchase 3D software. Does anyone have any resources that you would suggest for finding affordable 3D models (or free ones) that are reliable?

School of Skills

Posted on Oct 6, 2014 by pieter louw Latest activity: Oct 6, 2014

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Working with Derartment of Labor

Graphic Design Software

Posted on Oct 1, 2014 by Kimberly Larson Latest activity: Nov 18, 2014

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I'm just curious, what is your "go to" software as a graphic designer? I know that, of course, it will depend on the project but which program will you open first to work on most of your (print / screen / web) projects? 

Teaching Adobe Software--What works? What doesn't? What are the biggest challenges?

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 by Neil Edde Latest activity: Nov 18, 2014

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Hi. I'm the new Associate Publisher at Peachpit, publishers of Adobe Press for over 12 years. Some of you might be familiar with our Classroom in a Book series. I'd like to continue Peachpit's history of reaching out to the teaching community to give instructors the opportunity to tell us what works and what doesn't work when it comes to teaching Adobe software in today's classrooms. A lot has changed in recent years, and we recognize that teachers and students alike can draw from a wide variety of learning... Read More

Need help with high school design conference....

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 by Elizabeth Luna Latest activity: Jan 8, 2015

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I am working on developing a 'conference' for students interested in design (specifically Industrial, graphic, and architecture). The conference would focus around design thinking, and developing prototypes within a design charette atmosphere. Essentially, I would group students together and they would be tasked with a problem to solve and work through a design process to solve it. (for example - design your workspace... something open-ended but that has some ground to it so that high schoolers can grasp on... Read More

Digital Storytelling

Posted on Sep 19, 2014 by Zak Johnson Latest activity: Dec 27, 2014

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How will you integrate digital storytelling into your curriculum to meet learning goals in your subject area(s)? This discussion post is part of the Adobe Education Exchange Professional Development Workshop called Teach Visual Literacy: Digital Storytelling.