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The only deficit, I see is one that is par for the course of implementing Creativity AND technology into learning environments; the access to the media for the learner and the learning institution.

Voice is exclusively an iPad app, which requires the course has iPads available or enough of the learners BYOD. The other challenge, which I know all to well, it that many schools who need and could benefit greatly from learning such as this don't readily have access to this technology and in some cases are scared of implementing it because of the "potential" of something going wrong in a "wired" classroom.

Thus the battle those of us who have embraced this education "conversion" have to deal with.


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How might you use Voice with students in a teaching and learning context?

Voice is a powerful tool that has practical applications across multiple curriculums because it allows the learner to discuss, explain, and theorize on the subject matter being presented and allows them the room & resource to visual explain it as well. It also speaks to the creative talent involved in most presentation projects.
For me it is an app that is easy to run with "out the box" because it simply asks the learner to discuss the subject and what they know about it and allows them the opportunity to visually supplement the verbiage that was supplied. The creative aspect to this allows the learning to take an enjoyment factor that would make most projects that, seem dry from the surface, convert to somthing exciting creative and new.
I have it on my iPad and am eager to use it in a project for learners.

Pip Cleaves

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James Watt

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Will use it to summarize and reflect on learning at report card time. Each student will use prompts/sentence starters to write & reflect on their term work before narrating a voice presentation for their parents. In the process now of scaffolding a few different types of presentations for kids to do at various grade levels. Still have some concerns about publishing and sharing options. Anyone have any links to a page that explains publishing options & limitations clearly?

Jered Martinez

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Hey! Where's the story of Adobe Voice using Adobe Voice?

I work in a district on a military installation. Our entire student population has a parent or guardian in the armed services. This would be great for a mother or father over seas to read a book or story and send back to their child or vice versa.

Jason Webb

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I am going to help implement Voice in the classroom by having students create a read along story for Kindergartners. It will be a great way for my high school students to interact and learn basic communications skills.

Jody Campbell

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Our monthly student news publication is going digital and I think Voice would be a great tool for contributing students to add dynamic content quickly and easily regardless of major or video product experice.

Jody Campbell

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Our monthly student news publication is going digital and I think Voice would be a great tool for contributing students to add dynamic content quickly and easily regardless of major or video product experience.

Albert Thomas

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Adobe voice would be a great tool for students to do book reviews over summer reading projects. In high school it could be a great capstone project to sum up a students time in high school.

Ursula Cable

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I am going to use Voice to model assignment tasks with explanations of the features of particular responses. I will also get students to use this to create book trailers and to combine images with book reports. A fabulous tool. I'm just beginning to speculate on all of the potential uses for it.

Ann Riding

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Here are just a few of the ways I think I will use it at school:

Booktalks for the library website

School announcements

"about our school" videos for the school website

assignment videos for blended learning

storyboarding for larger video projects

collaborating with language arts, science, math, art, history and other teachers and their students

Marc Boucher

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Voice is a great idea, and I think, if I have to use it, it's first for exam or to have proje made after a lesson to see if the students have understant itt (make in school or home).

Deborah Hargroves

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I LOVE Adobe Voice! I plan to use it to announce and explain assignments to students. I would like for students to use it to document events in the school and to present information to show mastery of learning in interesting & creative ways!


jason sanders

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Janet Harris

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Great tool for the classroom. I teach Digital Media to freshmen and I am looking forward to using it when I teach them "How to Tell a Story". I think this will be a simple tool that they will be able to use while focusing on telling the story and not the technology. I am excited to get project ideas during this course.

Dawnette Brenner

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I would love to have the option to make the recordings a little longer, perhaps by 30 seconds. Each one of my recordings seems to get cut short.

I love this app and have used it for students to explain a concept they've learned, tutor another student, create a short story, share photos and start a collaborative conversation about them, share resources with team members by sharing on Google Docs and having conversations there or on a blog.

Rachelle Wooten

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How did you get the project off the device or how did they publish/share their created stories?

Dawnette Brenner

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Hi Rachelle,

After my students recorded their stories, we clicked on the box with the arrow to upload and share. the "Share by Email," or "Copy Link" are both options we choose. Students usually copy the link (which is available after the video is uploaded) and post on Edmodo, blogs, Google Document to share with others.

The limitation is that others need to have Adobe Voice on their device to watch. Students mostly watched recordings on their iPhones/iPods, since I only have two iPads. :(

Colette Trad

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I have spoken to a lot of teachers who have decided not to use it because it doesn't save to camera roll.

carolyn brown

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I used it but I need to embed the Voice movies in the LMS so students can watch them. The LMS is Etudes (Sakia based) and requires https URLs so I wasn't able to embed the Voice embed code and share with the students.

Rachelle Wooten

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I would love to collaborate with History teachers and have students create a story that promotes the "big idea" of one or more primary source documents they are currently studying. In math, I could see teachers challenging students to make a creative video that explains how to solve a real-world problem on the mathematics topic they are currently studying. I'd love to see an administrator have his teachers create some Adobe Stories where they introduce themselves and share them on the school's website or broadcast announcements. Lots of ideas of how Adobe Voice can be used for teaching and learning!

Colette Trad

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I used it today and had students retell a picturebook in their own words. It was great but I cannot find the URL or LINK to view it or find any embed code. Where did they upload to? I chose Private. Can't find online.

Pip Cleaves

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Collette, You should be able to go back into your app and re-publish. Scroll across to your 'old' projects and follow the prompts. This will help you find the link to your private video. Pip

Pip Cleaves

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Collette, You should be able to go back into your app and re-publish. Scroll across to your 'old' projects and follow the prompts. This will help you find the link to your private video. Pip

Colette Trad

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I found it and embedded it on a blog. I love adobe voice.

Eliot Attridge

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Good question! Having seen this discussion, I immediately downloaded the app. It looks great, but as with many products I have not created anything with it as yet. This is due to two reasons:

1) I'm not used to hearing my own voice, so for me at this point it is off putting- I wonder how many others have the same issue?)

2) I haven't seen enough examples to draw me in. Learning new software is a balance between the cost of learning with the benefits it may provide. At the moment I am not sure what the benefits are?

I think it's really interesting this 'user block' with software...

Dawnette Brenner

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Haha love your comment Eliot,

After making several tutorial videos for students, the "off-putting," is a bit old for me. Kids love to hear themselves though, so don't let that hinder you from using this amazing application.

Check out the Adobe Voice in Education, there are several examples there. What do you teach?

Eliot Attridge

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I teach science. I've now seen a number of voice 'presos' and I am getting a better idea of how they could be used. Just need some iPads, now! They need a PC / Mac version for this to really take off, methinks.