Adobe Presenter for educators

Adobe Presenter 9 for educators

With a powerful and easy to use video creation tool, Presenter is the perfect application to create instructional videos that meet the needs of your students. Plus, the teaching and learning content you create can be shared with the community to build a catalog of resources that will be useful to all educators. Learn more about Presenter, request a free license, and get started creating impactful instructional content.

Learn more about Adobe Presenter

What is Adobe Presenter?

Learn about the all-new Adobe Presenter 9 and how it can help with simple eLearning and desktop video creation.

Create instructional videos

Create online tutorials and course videos that blend your presence into your content, providing a real-life lecture experience for learners.

Learner Intervention & Collaboration

Create eLearning courses which can help your learners collaborate and help you identify learners who need attention as a course progresses.

Getting started with Adobe Presenter

Share an Adobe Presenter resource

Share what you create

In the spirit of being a connected educator, please share the teaching and learning content you create with and for Adobe Presenter by sharing a resource on the AEE. Or share your experience and thoughts about using Adobe Presenter in the classroom in the discussion forums.